LG prepares an OLED panel for mid-size gaming monitors

LG prepares an OLED panel for mid-size gaming monitors

23 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

The screen maker LGDisplay will launch a new OLED panel for medium-sized gaming monitors with which it hopes to meet a growing demand for this type of technology in the high-end of computer screens.

The South Korean manufacturer is preparing for the end of the year a new flat panel with OLED technology that will have a size of between 20 and 30 incheswhich will place it in a medium-sized product family.

These panels, which a company spokesman has confirmed to The Korea Heraldwill go both to the production of LG itself and to its customers, manufacturers of monitors and mobile devices.

So far the company has developed OLED panels for screens of a larger size, such as televisions over 40 inches, or even smaller, intended for mobile phones. With this new panel you will make the leap to medium-sized screens.

Currently, LG has a range of ‘gaming’ monitors that it markets under the Ultra Gear brandin which appears a model with a 48-inch OLED panel.

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