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Last minute on political news, live

Last minute on political news, live

9:45 a.m.

The United States and the UN condemn the “horrible” racist insults to Vinícius in Valencia

The spokesman for the United States Department of State, Matthew Miller, has condemned this Wednesday the “horrible” racist insults that Real Madrid footballer Vinícius Junior received last Sunday during a match against Valencia. “Obviously, we condemn racism around the world, wherever it occurs, including in sports, and we applaud any effort to bring it to light and fight it,” Miller said during a press conference in which he said he had seen those chants, which he called “horrible.”

The spokesman for the office directed by Antony Blinken also stressed that the Spanish authorities have taken action, after the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Valencia opened proceedings to determine whether the insults could constitute a hate crime.

A few hours earlier, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, also condemned the insults to the Brazilian player and asked the organizers of sporting events to implement “strategies to avoid racism in sport.” “The racist abuse suffered by Vinicius Junior this Sunday reminds us of the prevalence of racism in sport,” Türk said at a press conference. “Much more is needed to eradicate racial discrimination, and it must start with listening to people of African descent, involving them and taking real steps to address their main concerns,” added the Austrian high commissioner.

“I continue to be concerned about the frequent reports of deaths and injuries to people of African descent in relation to the security forces in various countries,” warned the high commissioner, who, addressing the journalists in the room, launched: “Everyone must ask themselves: Am I prejudiced, do I measure my words, how do I react when someone makes a racist comment?

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Why Vinícius is right when he says that Spain is racist

9:11 a.m.

The BOE publishes the housing law, which will enter into force tomorrow

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Thursday the Law for the Right to Housing, which will enter into force tomorrow, Friday, except for those related to the tax incentives applicable in the IRPF to the leases of real estate for housing, which will begin It will enter into force on January 1, 2024. The regulation sets a ceiling of 3% on rent in 2024 and sets a future price index that will limit increases, among other aspects.

After months of intense negotiations within the coalition government itself and with the parliamentary groups, the Executive managed to carry out one of the ‘key’ laws of this legislature, which was described as “historic” by the Government and its partners. It is the first State Housing Law in the history of democracy and one of the milestones agreed with the European Commission for the disbursement of ‘Next Generation EU’ funds.

This Thursday, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchezand ministers as Ione Belarra and Irene Montero They have celebrated the entry of the standard in the BOE, urging it to “apply it in all the territories of the country”. “Housing is a right and not a luxury good,” said Sánchez, for his part.

Keys to the housing law: a 3% ceiling on rent in 2024 and a future price index that will limit increases

8:31 a.m.

the topics of the day

Good morning! Not everything is an electoral campaign… although a good part is. Here we summarize some of the most noteworthy news this Thursday in

Brussels warns of the high rental prices in Spain. The percentage of families that spend more than 40% of their income on housing exceeds the European average in Spain. In the case of rentals, it doubles. The European Commission shows concern, especially for the most vulnerable, including young people, families with children and low-income households.

Electoral fraud attempts in Melilla and Mojácar agitate the final stretch of the 28M campaign. Two unrelated investigations, with 20 defendants and requests to vote by mail that multiply the national average by ten, promote the crossing of accusations between parties and motivate the dismissal of a counselor in Melilla and the fall of two socialist candidates in the town andalusian

The eternal return of Albiol: the ‘sheriff’ of Badalona seeks his first absolute majority in the ungovernable city. After a convulsed legislature in which there have been three mayors, the PP candidate moderates the tone to attract voters from other parties and achieve his long-awaited return to the consistory.

Ayuso dynamites the bridges of Feijóo with the PNV. The president of the Community of Madrid calls the Basque party “racist”, to which the leader of the PP had tried to approach since his arrival in national politics, and provokes the reaction of Andoni Ortuzar: “I am one of those who believe that in Politics is not worth everything, and for this woman it seems that everything is worth it.

Racism in grassroots football, beyond the stars: “I stopped training because I suffered a lot”. The debate on racism (in sport and outside of it) agitates the country as a result of the insults suffered by the footballer Vinícius a few days ago, and his complaint in which he pointed out Spain as a racist country. In this report we see that racism that is not usually under the spotlight: the small club Dragones de Lavapiés, in Madrid, has experienced numerous racist episodes, from not letting their own team’s coach, who was black, into the game, to interrupting a meeting to request the record of an Afro child.

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