bankers come "difficult" public-private association to buy Banamex

bankers come "difficult" public-private association to buy Banamex

However, the representatives of the bank in Mexico maintained that this plan would be complicated since there are no cases in the past that have worked in this way.

“In Mexico we have no record, in the last 20 years, of a bank under this optic. The experience of having a mixed commercial bank has not been and it would be difficult to determine an operation of these characteristics”, said Daniel Becker, vice president of the Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM) and one of the participants during the bid for the bank.

The director of Mifel also said that the federal government already has other development banks such as Bancomext and Banobras, but that these have a different objective than commercial banks.

Raúl Martínez Ostos, vice president of the ABM, added that while a private company seeks to maximize profits, public companies have other objectives.

“It is good to understand that each one develops their objectives,” he said.

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