Last minute of the protests and the national strike in Ecuador, live

Last minute of the protests and the national strike in Ecuador, live

2 hours ago

Conaie anticipates that the announcement on fuels is “insufficient”

By Omar Fajardo

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), which has been carrying out massive protests and a national strike in the country for two weeks, announced that they will evaluate President Guillermo Lasso’s announcement to reduce fuel prices.

“We will make a collective evaluation of the announcement made by President Guillermo Lasso, with our bases to define the path to follow,” they announced through a statement released on their Twitter account.

However, they warned that the president’s decision is “insufficient, without guarantees” and “is not compatible with the situation of poverty faced by millions of families.”

“The government has always had in its hands to respond to the 10 points on the agenda, but it does not have the political will to dialogue and resolve,” the organization added.

2 hours ago

Guillermo Lasso announces a drop in the price of fuel

By Luis Quintana

The president of Ecuador announced this Sunday night that he will reduce the price of gasoline in the country.

“I have decided to reduce the price of Extra and Ecopaís gasoline by 10 cents per gallon, and diesel too, by 10 cents per gallon,” the president said in his message. broadcast on national network.

The price of fuel, according to Lasso, has become “a cornerstone that maintains the conflict” and his decision to reduce the price, he said, is due to “thinking about the common good and citizen peace.”

The president’s message does not give details of when this reduction in fuel prices will come into effect.

2 hours ago

Ministry of Education announces restart of classes in some regions

By Marlon Sorto

(Photo: RODRIGO BUENDIA/AFP via Getty Images)

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Education reported this Sunday in a statement that face-to-face classes will restart starting this Monday in several regions of the country, while distance education will be used in others.

“In this way, in 60 cantons of 15 provinces of the country, distance education will be carried out in all public educational institutions. In 23 additional cantons, the face-to-face opening will be partial, according to the conditions of each sector,” it was stated. explained in the release.

According to the Ministry, due to the demonstrations, “30% of students continue to be affected in their learning process, which hinders their comprehensive development.”

2 hours ago

Oil production in Ecuador would stop in two days, says the Ministry of Energy and Mines

By Ana Maria Canizares

Protests in Ecuador

Indigenous people in El Arbolisto park in Quito. (Photo: MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP via Getty Images)

After 14 days of national strike, the Ministry of Energy and Mines reported through a statement that the hydrocarbon sector registers greater losses every day and that oil production could be suspended in two days.

“Oil production is at critical levels, today the figures show a decrease of 50% (until June 12, an average of 520,000 barrels were produced). If this situation continues, oil production in the country would be suspended in 48 hours, since, due to acts of vandalism, taking over wells and closing roads, it has not been possible to transport the supplies and diesel necessary to maintain the operation”, explains the statement.

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