Iran recalls that it continues to develop hypersonic missiles after its official announcement in November

Iran recalls that it continues to develop hypersonic missiles after its official announcement in November

26 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hosein Salami, has announced that they are already working on the manufacture of hypersonic cruise missiles.

“We are developing cruise missiles with the capacity to travel at supersonic or hypersonic speeds,” Salami pointed out in an intervention at the National Jihadist Festival reported by the official Iranian press.

Salami has stressed that these missiles have the ability to intercept satellites with the help of ground-based radars. “These huge advances are achievements of the Iranian youth. The young Iranian military forces can attack a moving ship from thousands of kilometers away,” he stressed.

The head of the Revolutionary Guard has also referred to the recent wave of civil protests in Iran. “The Americans have chosen this path after realizing that they cannot win militarily,” he argued.

Salami recalled that Washington “has used all its strategic tools against us: first they used Saddam Hussein and his allies and then they spread the virus of heresy (jihadism) in Muslim countries to keep them under control.” “These plots have been thwarted…so they have embarked on an economic war,” he added.

The only way to deal with “arrogant powers” is the “language of force” because “the enemy is strange to the power of logic, but accepts the logic of power.”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has already announced the manufacture of its first hypersonic ballistic missile and has stressed that this projectile has the ability to penetrate “sophisticated” anti-aircraft systems.

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Aerospace Force, Amir Ali Hayizadé, stressed at the time that the missile can maneuver below and above the atmosphere and has said that it can penetrate all existing missile defense systems.

“I do not believe that any technology can be found in the coming decades that is capable of counteracting it,” he said, while stressing that it is “a great advance” for the Iranian military industry, according to the Iranian news agency. Tasnim.

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