Iran asks the US to pay 3.8 billion euros in compensation for the murder of nuclear scientists

Iran asks the US to pay 3.8 billion euros in compensation for the murder of nuclear scientists

The defendants include former US presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

June 23 (EUROPA PRESS) –

An Iranian court on Thursday ordered the US government to pay $4 billion in compensation to families of Iranian nuclear scientists killed in attacks in recent years.

According to information collected by the Iranian news agency Tasnim, the ruling comes after a lawsuit filed by relatives of these scientists for the “protection” of Washington to the “terrorist acts of the Zionist regime”, in reference to Israel.

Thus, among the defendants are former US presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as entire departments such as those of State and Defense, although the decision is expected to be merely symbolic.

The court has stressed that the United States “has played an effective role in establishing, strengthening and supporting the Zionist regime as a terrorist regime” and has added that it “gives hundreds of millions of dollars in direct financial, economic and military” every year.

“The Zionist regime receives direct and indirect support from the United States, for which the United States is responsible for all its actions, including the support and execution of terrorist acts against Iranian scientists, according to the principles of International Law,” he stressed.

The ruling has come just two days after the Iranian Prosecutor’s Office announced that several Israeli Mossad “agents” arrested in April were planning to assassinate scientists involved in the Iranian nuclear program, in the context of the upswing in bilateral tensions and accusations from Tehran about the implication of Tel Aviv in several assassinations of soldiers and scientists.

Tehran has denounced in recent years a series of assassinations of senior military and scientific officials by Israel, including the death in November 2020 in an armed attack of Mohsen Fajrizad√©, considered to be the director of the country’s nuclear program.

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