Intel plans a big update to optimize its Intel Arc graphics

Intel plans a big update to optimize its Intel Arc graphics

Recently we have known some more rumors about Intel graphics cards that they have given so much to talk about, and it seems that is working on a new Alchemist generation GPU. It is also known that the drivers have been a problem from the beginning, and that it has fully affected the delayed launch of these new Intel Arc cards. Little by little it goes updating and adding compatibility with new titlesand according to us feature in PC Games Hardwareare preparing a big upgrade to offer more performance.

Geeknetic Intel plans a big update to optimize its Intel Arc 1 graphics

A similar update has already taken place a few weeks ago, where higher performance was obtained in games based on old APIs such as DX9, something that Intel had already warned would take time to arrive. This time it seems they will also focus on optimization for these less recent APIsalthough they have not reported what this new update consists of, they have indicated that will be of greater importance. Thus, it is possible that Intel is ready to release drivers that offer increased compatibility and performance with older games.

Geeknetic Intel plans a big update to optimize its Intel Arc 2 graphics

It is already known that the Intel Arc works great with modern APIs like DX12 and Vulkanbut the performance needs to be fine-tuned with older oneswhich together with drivers that better optimize the performance of these graphics, can win some sales of their new GPUs before the launch of the next generation Battlemag.

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