The game that VanillaWare anticipated in 2019 is already finished and will be ambitious

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VanillaWare is a studio that develops games that are not very popular, but have a distinctive style for which many in the West consider them niche and look forward to their next productions. Well, if you are one of these fans, we have good news for you, since said game is already finished.

Before the Japanese release of 13 Sentinels: Aegis RimIn 2019, VanillaWare released a demo of the game. The interesting thing about this test, apart from letting Japanese users check out the RTS in advance, was that it included a scene from the next project from the Japanese studio.

The trailer was very short, but he seemed to anticipate that it would be a game with a medieval style, very different from 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rimalthough we did not see any gameplay.

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What happened to the 2019 game that VanillaWare had in development?

However, since then the study had not shared any development news, which suggested that something bad had happened with it and that in the worst case it had been cancelled.

But there is good news, since today the head of VanillaWare, George Kamitani, spoke about it again and could not have done better, since he confirmed that “it is finished”.

Kamitani also confessed in an interview with nintenderos that he is not the director of said project, but he affirmed that it is “one of VanillaWare’s greatest productions”, for which he invited the fans to look forward to it.

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VanillaWare is already working on another game with Kamitani at the helm

Despite this, the developer commented that he is already in charge of another project, although he warned that it will not be ready for “for several years.” But the good news is that as soon as the development of the ambitious title we are talking about is complete, more developers will help Kamitani with his project, so development will go into overdrive.

Unfortunately, Kamitani did not give any more information about the next VanillaWare game, so we don’t know if it will debut in 2023 or if it will be gone until 2024, as we remember that it has not even been formally announced. In addition, as with previous titles from the studio, it is likely that the new game will arrive later in the West due to localization work.

We will keep you informed. Meanwhile, we remind you that the localized remastering of GrimGrimoire OnceMore will go on sale in April, which will improve the second game in the studio’s history.

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