I am a plus size woman, and theme park rides are not designed for us.

O'Neill said the staff was

A woman from the UK has shared her concerns about going to theme parks as a plus-size customer, even taking to TikTok about her experience to help others.

Heather O’Neill, 26, admitted she was worried there would be trouble when she went to Thorpe Park, a fun destination in England, saying she was so nervous that wouldn’t fit on the ridesshe almost cancels.

“The fact that I even have to think about whether I’m going to wear shoes on the rides is the first difference [in being a plus-sized visitor]the mental health nurse told

O’Neill said he’s concerned about pushing down ride seats and safety bars to close them, adding he’s also concerned about safety following the death of a teenager who died after falling off a theme park ride. in Orlando earlier this year. . An autopsy later determined that he was 96 pounds over the safe weight limit.

Deciding that she didn’t want other people to find themselves in the same awkward situation, Heather, who is a size 24 to 26, made a TikTok video of herself checking seat sizes for each ride.

“I used every test seat I could find, which most people don’t have to do,” he explained. “But rides are not designed for fat or plus size people — it’s about accessibility and making spaces inclusive for all bodies and accessibility needs.”

O’Neill said park workers were “helpful and kind” when he couldn’t fit into a seat.
Heather said she made TikTok to help other plus size customers.
Heather said she made TikTok to help other plus size customers.
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“I feel like the staff went above and beyond, were helpful and friendly, but Thorpe Park is not designed for fat people like me,” O’Neill told “Theme parks, airplanes, buses – society is not cut out for anyone who is outside the social norm of straight, healthy, and skinny.”

TikToker said it would fit in most seats, with exceptions including the Samurai ride test seat — though it still managed to ride it — and the Colossus roller coaster.

His video has been viewed nearly 381,000 times, leaving users searching for more content.

Hundreds of comments flooded the video, many thanking O’Neill for his report.

“I’m glad they’re starting to get test seats. I went to Alton Towers years ago and it was humiliating having to get off the rides,” one user wrote.

“The first time I tried a test seat it was Nemesis Inferno and I was stuck in it for about 20 minutes,” shared another.

“Getting on seats has always prevented me from going to theme parks, I can’t stand judgment and prejudice,” commented one user.

O’Neill said she made TikTok to make other plus-size customers feel more confident, adding that she was looking for a plus-size guide before going.

Thorpe Park website It was difficult to find the weight limits and measurement requirements, many of the links to weight limits/accessibility were showing up with ‘page not found,’” he explained.

“I wanted to help other fat people, give them positive, honest, unfiltered guidance on which rides they could fit in and which rides had test seats so they could see if they fit.

“Fat people deserve accessibility and also enjoy theme parks!” she stated.

A Thorpe Park spokesperson told Jam Press: “At Thorpe Park Resort, we care deeply about creating magical experiences that are inclusive of all of our guests.

“We have always strived to create accessible attractions where people can be themselves and enjoy fun experiences together.

“From team training to listening to guest feedback, our priority is always on ensuring that each of our guests enjoys a magical day with us at the UK’s most exciting theme park,” the venue concluded.

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