How to win at Free Fire plus Booyah in February 2023

How to win at Free Fire plus Booyah in February 2023

Nothing like being the last survivor in freefire to see that you were the only one who did things right until you earned the Booyah in Battle Royale games. Each player has their combat style, but there are basic rules that you can ensure your survival if you know what to do in February 2023. You don’t need to kill everyone to be the best, just kill the rivals that ensure your survival.

The players of freefire They have shared several tips on the Quora photo so that the community can win in their future games. You don’t have to be a genius with aiming, but disciplined and know how to choose your battles.

FREE FIRE | How to win the Booyah!

1. Do not open the parachute. Let it open on its own or you’ll be airborne while others can target you from the ground.

2. Stay away from combat at first and don’t chase passersby.

3. Avoid Solo Vehicles – This is useful when playing as a team because you can shoot while others are driving.

4. At first focus on finding more armor than weapons.

5. Don’t rush for Airdrops first. Instead, go up to him and set up an ambush and take some headshots. If you want to survive in the long term, don’t be greedy.

6. If you manage to get to the end, focus on medkits than finding new loot

7. Play with headphones: you can’t miss the sound.

8. Keep moving but don’t run at the end of the game.

9. Remember that you do not have to enter the houses to check the rooms, you can do it by looking through the windows

10. Use minimaps to see if anyone is nearby shooting. If so, then it’s time for an ambush.

11. Your competitors don’t admire your style or cool outfits. So focus on the character instead of the cosmetics.

12. Know Your Character Strength: Professional players use Miguel and give them the power of Kelly and Kia which makes the character an ultimate combo.

13. Always use the pan to protect yourself from the shots coming from behind.

14. Change your plan depending on the game.

15. Check from time to time if there are useless items in your backpack

16. Check the time remaining for the safe zone to shrink and then run towards it.

17. To shoot from an ambush, prefer trees to cars.

18. Use Gloo Walls effectively to create a temporary wall to save your life and your teammate’s.

19. Use the Gloo Wall 360° cheat when surrounded by enemies.

20. Whenever you get the chance, try to capture the highest position, the best time to capture higher ground is when the safe zone is shrinking and there are fewer people left in the game.

21. Do you remember how wolves survive in the jungle? They stay together and hunt together. So be with your team and keep talking so you can help them.

22. Eat mushrooms to get EP.

23. Explode the red cylinder to instantly kill an enemy and explode the blue cylinder to create smog.

24. Use grenades and land mines when you are being followed or surrounded by enemies. It can be very useful because many do not use them. They are underrated.

25. Upgrade weapons by applying skins.

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