Highest Income Counties in Arkansas | show news

Highest Income Counties in Arkansas |  show news

the Median Family Income in 2020 in the US it was $67,521, a 2.9% decrease from 2019. COVID-19 in 2020 dramatically altered income and poverty levels, along with spending habits and job opportunities.

Stacker compiled a list of the highest income counties in Arkansas using data from the US Census Bureau. Counties are ranked by 2020 5-year estimated median household income.

The data shows that annually Annual income largely depends on an individual’s educational attainment, race, ethnicity, gender, and even location. One group in the United States is particularly well off: All five of the seven counties with the highest median household income in the country are in the Washington DC metropolitan areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia. These counties can likely attribute their wealth to their proximity to Washington DC, which attracts highly educated and skilled people in areas of law and public policy. And the people in those fields they often marry each otherwhich makes two high-income households one very high-income household.

Read on to learn more about the highest income counties in Arkansas.

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