French police evict some 360 ​​migrants from a camp northeast of Paris

PARIS, June 22 (DPA/EP) –

The French Police have evacuated this Wednesday a migrant camp in the northwest of the capital, Paris, where some 360 ​​people were staying who are now being reassigned to other facilities.

Authorities are now checking the visa status of the migrants, who are also undergoing medical tests before being transferred to centers in the city and the Paris region, according to the Ile-de-France regional government.

This is already the ninth time that the authorities have evacuated a migrant camp in Paris and the surroundings of the capital. Nearly 2,000 migrants have been reassigned to permanent facilities so far this year.

However, the dismantling of these types of shelters is not a current issue, but the Parisian authorities have carried out this practice in recent years, raising the number of evicted camps to several dozen.

Despite the fact that the authorities intervene in these areas, the migrants end up resettling in other places in the region, thus building shelters that usually lack basic facilities and, therefore, are not suitable for use as homes.

In this context, international organizations have denounced that the compensation actions by the French Government are nothing more than for the gallery, since the evicted migrants quickly end up living on the street again.

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