Free Fire: trick to play without experiencing FPS delays

Free Fire: trick to play without experiencing FPS delays

free fire Y Free Fire MAX they are video games that require a stable mobile device. Suffering the drop in FPS can be decisive in a game, so you must take into account the characteristics of your equipment and the configurations of the platform.

Given the free fire is compatible with a wide range of devices, gamers with low-end phones often suffer from issues related to frequent lag and poor FPS. Let’s see what you should do to make the images fluid at all times.

FREE FIRE | How to guarantee FPS

Faulty or poor internet connection is usually the cause of delay in running free fire. Instead of mobile data, players are recommended to use a WiFi connection. To this we must add a good RAM and the processor.

In display settings, gamers can be assured of a good gaming experience if they opt for “Smooth Graphics”. If you want a high FPS rate, you can turn to “Normal” and “High”. Just keep in mind the RAM of your computer.

if you play free fire max, players will need to implement the following settings:

  • Visual Effects – Off
  • HD Texture – Off
  • Vehicle Effects – Off
  • Animation – Classic

Players who play Battle Royale continuously must take breaks in between. Overheating can affect the performance of the computer.

In case your device doesn’t have game mode built-in, you can always download the Game Booster app from the Google Play Store. Players are also recommended to enable battery saver mode, clear cache and close background apps.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from June 29 to July 5, 2022

  • Wednesday June 29, 2022: magic roulette
  • Thursday June 30, 2022: magic roulette
  • Friday, July 1, 2022: “Panal Cibernético” elite pass launch
  • Saturday July 2, 2022: burger refill
  • Monday July 4, 2022: magic roulette
  • Tuesday, July 5, 2022: lucky woodpecker and bang bang reload

Please note that there are other ways to claim aesthetic content in the Free Fire shooter. One of the most popular in recent months is redemption codes, which expire after 24 hours.

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