Fortnite: how to acquire the Optimus Prime skin in the Wild patch?

Optimus Prime is the last reward of the Battle Pass.  Photo: capture

Fortnite It has undoubtedly become one of the most outstanding shooters in the field of consoles and PC. Its popularity is not only due to its polished gameplay, but it is also currently a major platform for mass interactive brand marketing. In other words, various companies and film and television producers create unique content in Fortnite so that players can interact with characters and other elements of movies and series.

On this occasion, a Transformers event is held in the Battle Royale, which bears the name of Wild. This is a wild update that brings together explorers, dinosaurs and the popular giant robots from the recent movie “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts”.

Step into the wilds in fortnite battle royale chapter 4 – season 3. The center of the island has sunk and has revealed an immense and hidden jungle full of ancient secrets to discover. Climb to the treetops, ride Velociraptors and slide through the mud to gain speed and camouflage. Spot your opponents from the treetops with the “Thermal Designated Marksman Rifle”, slide down vines while firing the “Circle Magazine Rifle”, or turn your opponents into bystanders with the “Cybertron Cannon”.”, details Fortnite on its official blog.

What attracts the most attention, of course, are the new skins and the easiest way to get them is with the Battle Pass. The next event in the shooter has already been activated and you can purchase the pass for only 950 paVos or join the free pass.

How to get Optimus Prime in Fortnite?

As usual, there are certain rewards that you can claim when you complete the missions and level up. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get Optimus Prime for V-Bucks in the store, at least for now. Since it is the last reward of the pass.

As can be seen in the following screenshot, you must reach level 94 of the pass to get the ax and Optimus Prime, the protagonist of the event. Of course, you can always skip the effort of completing the step with money. By buying it completely you will get the rewards from the beginning.

Optimus Prime is the last reward of the Battle Pass. Photo: capture

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