Foresight techniques and tools

I. General objectives
Provide an overview of the different prospective techniques and tools to strengthen the strategic decision-making process in public management. It is also intended to publicize relevant experiences in the discipline of prospective, applied at different scales, especially the national one.

II. Learning objectives
1. Acquire an overview of the prospective methodology through knowledge of techniques, instruments and tools that allow strengthening the strategic decision-making process and anticipation in public management.

2. Learn about cases and experiences of applying prospective on different scales.
3. Apply updated knowledge and tools in the preparation of a study of the future

The course lasts four weeks, totaling 40 academic hours, with an estimated workload of 10 hours per week. It is an asynchronous course so the activities can be distributed at the discretion of each participant (content review and participation in forums). However, there will be mandatory synchronous instances, to promote the exchange of experiences and practices among the participants.
The course design is configured with a set of pedagogical resources and teaching activities that each participant must carry out mainly in a self-instructional mode, and other practical activities in small virtual groups.

The course understands learning as a process of building individual and collective knowledge, resulting from the combination of theory, practice and experience. Therefore, a combination of:

a) Knowledge of prospective methodologies, instruments and tools for the elaboration of long-term visions.
b) Application of workshops for the assimilation of learning, identification of challenges and formulation of questions.

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