Fire Emblem Engage: Divine Edition is still priceless, but they’re already reselling it

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Yesterday Nintendo announced a new Fire Emblem that will bring together iconic characters from the series. As is customary in installments of the franchise, Nintendo revealed a great collector’s edition that fans will undoubtedly want to have and will surely want to do it through an official medium, since they are already reselling it at an incredible price.

It is common (and here we have reported several cases) that resellers take every opportunity to offer special editions or any collectible of something that sells out fast to sell it at a much higher price. Of course the Fire Emblem Engage: Divine Edition it was not going to be the exception; In fact, although it hasn’t come out and Nintendo hasn’t even put an official price on it, it’s already up for resale at an exorbitant price.

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They are already reselling the best edition of Fire Emblem Engage

Nintendo in the presentation shared what will include the fantastic Divine Editionwhich will be an object that any collector of the series will want to have, since in addition to the game and a SteelBook it will include 1 art book, 1 poster and several postcards with illustrations of the emblematic characters from previous installments, such as Marth, Celica and Sigurd.

The company, however, did not reveal the price, but that did not stop resellers who, after 1 day, are already offering it in exchange for $219.99 EUR, which is equivalent to around $4400 MXN. Do you live in Mexico or in another part of the world? Get ready, you will have to pay an additional $120 EUR, approximately $2400 MXN. In total, you would have to pay $6,800 MXN (not counting taxes).

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This will include the Fire Emblem Engage: Divine Edition (image: Nintendo)
This will include the Fire Emblem Engage: Divine Edition (image: Nintendo)

No joke the edition will cost that. Although Nintendo has not revealed the price, based on the content we can estimate that the edition will not cost more than $100 USD, so the resale price is already inflated by 300%.

Thus, all fans who are planning to get this edition will have to be very aware of the details of the launch or preorder, because if they happen to lose their copy from an official store or My Nintendo Store, they already know how much they will have to pay in resell approx to get it. As it is customary for Nintendo to release ultra-limited special editions, it is almost certain that there will be many players who will not reach a copy and will angrily lash out at Nintendo and many will end up paying the exorbitant resale price.

What do you think about the price that the special edition of Fire Emblem Engage? Tell us in the comments.

Fire Emblem Engage will debut on January 20, 2023 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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