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Finaktiva disbursed US$800 million in the first half of 2022

Finaktiva disbursed US$800 million in the first half of 2022

Finance, business financial services platform, closed the first half with a positive balance, as ffinanced US$800 million to more than 6,000 companies, which registered more than 115,000 transactions, a figure that represents a growth of three times compared to the same period of the previous year.

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Added to this positive balance are the financing offers obtained from international players for more than US$180 million, which allowed consolidate this ‘fintech’ as ​​number one in the business of financial services for companies in Colombia.

The multiplication of this growth occurs after the acquisition of Libera Supply Chain Finance, today Libera by Finaktiva, which allowed it to strengthen its marketing strategy and consolidate strategic allies relevant in the market for the deepening of value chains.

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Pablo Santos, CEO of Finaktiva, points out that they are helping companies to access liquidity and finance their growth. He said that his recognition allowed them to enter into force this semester with new commercial alliances with large companies, such as Bavaria and Grupo Aval, and the agreements established the previous semester with the telecommunications company were consolidated Of course.

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We are a company with exponential growth, which has evolved from digital credit to early-stage companies to consolidate a comprehensive portfolio of credit, factoring and confirming to meet the needs of all business segments, maintaining the focus on having a quality and healthy portfolio. , since despite the volatility of the economy we have a past due portfolio indicator close to 3%”, added the director.

For the second semester, Finaktiva expects to close with close to $6 billion in financing for companies with more future than history. To reach this goal, since July they have been facilitating the integration of RADIAN at no cost to more than 400 corporate companies, through a first-rate technological infrastructure, thus achieving a benefit in terms of supply chain management and supplier payments. , which will undoubtedly boost the ‘factoring’ and ‘confirming’ negotiations.

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Similarly, the company plans to launch a new enterprise cash flow management solution, so that companies can efficiently trace their invoices, anticipate financing needs and, at the same time, reduce the operational burden of people in the financial areas, so that they can invest their time in analyzing and deciding how best to invest the company resources.


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