FCC Announce Imminent “Widespread Civil Disobedience” Campaign Against Sudanese Military

FCC Announce Imminent "Widespread Civil Disobedience" Campaign Against Sudanese Military


The Forces for Freedom and Change (FCC), one of the most important civil associations in Sudan, has announced the imminent start of a “widespread civil disobedience campaign” against the military in charge of the country as a result of the latest series of protests against the Army that have left a dozen dead this week.

The FCC thus declare their open and definitive rejection of the military establishment after months of unsuccessful negotiations to form a civic-military transition government after the fall of dictator Omar Hassan al Bashir in 2019 during a series of demonstrations in which the group was part. instrumental.

The situation ended up exploding in October of last year, in a military coup d’état that led to the dismissal of the civilian prime minister, Abdalá Hamdok, although international pressure led to an agreement to reinstate him in office in November, which caused lose support among the opposition and revolutionary forces.

However, Hamdok presented his resignation in January in protest against the repression of the mobilizations and after the military authorities, headed by the head of the Army and president of the Sovereign Transitional Council, Abdelfatá al Burhan, expelled various civil groups from the Executive arguing that they acted against the interests of the State.

Thus, the FCC announced this Saturday the start of this campaign of disobedience at the end of the Muslim festival of Eid al Adha, next Wednesday, July 13, and calls “the Sudanese political forces” to form ” a united civil front” against the country’s military authorities, according to a statement collected by Al Arabiya on protests that, since the coup d’état, have already left more than a hundred dead due to the repression of the security forces.

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