End of the health emergency in the country, what’s next?

End of the health emergency in the country, what's next?

The health emergency in the country lasted two years, three months and 18 days and came to an end on June 30. The measure allowed the Government to take immediate measures against covid-19 and launch the national vaccination plan.

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Now for the purpose of this figure there will be some changes about pandemic management. The first is in the allocation of Intensive Care beds. From now on, the State will not assign the beds, it will be the EPS that will have control of these assignments with respect to the case of each patient.

We receive requests from Intensive Care Units until today at 23:59. So if in any clinic they need to transfer a patient to the Intensive Care Unit at 10 at night, they send it to us and we get that bed for them, but after 12 at night they must call the EPS what corresponds to that patient”, said the Secretary of Health of Bogotá, Alejandro Gómez.

Another change is that now patients will not be able to be treated in any health center in case of suffering from covid-19. In other words, they will have to go to establishments that have agreement with the EPS in which you are affiliated.

Along with this, the mayors and rulers in the country will have a spending limit on the resources allocated for the pandemic. For their part, the subsidies that arose from the health emergency, such as Solidarity Income and support for Formal Employment, They will remain until 2023.

However, the digital connectivity subsidy ends on June 30, according to President Iván Duque. Likewise, the protection of the unemployed.

It should be remembered that FOME’s investment in the health emergency was 45 billion pesos. Of this, 15 billion was allocated to health, such as the purchase of ventilators and the construction of ICUs. Another 4.5 billion was allocated to the National Vaccination Plan.

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Until this June 30, the country registered 140,070 deaths from covid-19 and 5,984,546 people recovered. The confirmed cases were 6,175,181 and 25,198 are active.

This indicates that on the day of the end of the health emergency, the Ministry of Health registered twice as many deaths as last week, which were 52, and from June 24 to June 30, 100.


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