Economy Minister Martín Guzmán resigns in Argentina

( Spanish) — Martín Guzmán resigned this Saturday from his position as Minister of Economy of Argentina, as reported in his Twitter account. Twitter.

In an extensive 7-page text, Guzmán indicated that when he took office the country “was plunged into a deep economic, social and debt crisis, and to this was added first a global pandemic and then the current war in Ukraine.”

And he added that “the first time I spoke to Argentina as the Nation’s Minister of Economy, I said that our goal was to reassure the economy. That concept may not generate much enthusiasm for some, but it always seemed to me (and it seems to me) that reassuring the economy would constitute a true epic.”

Guzmán ended his resignation text by saying that “with the deep conviction and confidence in my vision of the path that Argentina should follow, I will continue working and acting for a more just, free and sovereign homeland.”

For the time being, President Alberto Fernández has not commented on this resignation.

Ignacio Grimaldi contributed to this report.

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