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EA Sports FC 24: begins a stage of new commercial alliances without FIFA

EA Sports FC 24: begins a stage of new commercial alliances without FIFA

FC 24 vs FIFA, will it survive the name change?

The name change is one of the most complex processes that a product usually undergoes when starting a new stage, since it represents the restart of the brand recognition process. However, at EA they are hopeful of executing a successful strategy hand in hand with experience with the development of the video game.

“The opportunities that lie ahead of owning our own brand make the future incredibly exciting,” says Shepherd, also vice president of EA Sports FC, who adds that they will continue to generate recognizable points for the game in order for the name to be easily identified.

In fact, the company redesigned its logo based on the concept of total football, which revolutionized the sport in the 1970s and in which the formation of triangles within the field of play is the basis for the operation of a team.

In this sense, EA Sports used it to convey the idea of ​​its three technologies that will be essential for the video game: Hypermotion V, with which the dynamics of the players’ bodies are recreated; the Frostbite graphics engine, which will be included in Nintendo Switch for the first time; and PlayStyles, a mechanic to imitate certain characteristics of soccer players.

Shepherd explained that to make this technology work, data capture was combined through cameras in the stadiums, as well as Artificial Intelligence for information processing and modeling of several players instead of each one having to go through an individual capture process, which would have been more expensive and time consuming.

In fact, a few years ago the capture process with Cristiano Ronaldo. For this, the player was summoned several times and put on a special suit that tracked each of his gestures, but it took him a long time to be able to imitate his movements.

Regarding the investments that the video game studio has made in the development of this technology, the executive does not share specific figures, but does detail that it has been carried out for about five years constantly to refine it more and more until it has sufficient quality.

“Advances in the AI ​​and machine learning space have allowed us to evolve, but we’ve also had to invest in how to store all that data, how to track it, and how to use it in-game (…) Some of the new things we’re doing this year are having an impact and will have more and more in the future,” he concludes.

Premier League and women’s leagues, fundamental in EA’s strategy

Users care about being able to play with their favorite stars and today’s elite footballers, such as Erlin Haaland or Chelsea striker Sam Kerr, are found in the Premier and the English Women’s Super League.

That is why the company closed a multi-year commercial agreement with the Premier so that its clubs remain in the video game, maintaining a tradition that has been present since 1998.

On the other hand, EA is showing more and more confidence in women’s soccer. In this edition, the study announced the inclusion of six women’s leagues, including the Spanish one, in addition to the fact that mixed teams can be generated within the Ultimate Team mode.

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