I live V29 Lite 5G, analysis and opinion: a mobile that shines in almost everything

Live V29 Lite 5G

Vivo is one of the companies that best chooses the specifications for each of its ranges of mobiles.

While in the highest range, exceeding 1,000 euros, we can find the vivo X90 Pro, a beast in power, photography and screen, we also find really affordable terminals, such as the vivo Y76 5G.

One of the newest members of the entire collection of the Chinese company is the vivo V29 Lite 5G, a mobile aimed at the mid-range, although it comes with some specifications typical of a higher step.

In this case, we are faced with a powerful mobile for its price rangebetween 300 and 400 euros, and that stands out especially in its design and screen, which are among the most outstanding qualities.

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We have tested how the vivo V29 Lite 5G for a few weeks of testing, and the result has surprised us. Let’s go to the analysis in detail.

vivo V29 Lite 5G Review Table of Contents:

  • Features and technical sheet of the vivo V29 Lite 5G
  • Design and connectivity: success after success
  • Screen and sound: the brightness that all mobile phones would like
  • Performance and software: a very competent mobile
  • Cameras: a section adjusted to its range
  • Autonomy: more than a day without problem
  • Versions, offers and price of vivo V29 Lite 5G
  • Review: Is the vivo V29 Lite 5G worth buying?

Mid-range mobile with a 6.78-inch AMOLED curved screen, 64 Mpx camera and 5,000mAh battery for all day.

Live V29 Lite 5G
Screen 6.78 inches AMOLED 120 Hz Full HD+ (1080×2400) px 1,300 nits
Processor snapdragon 695
GPUs adreno 619
Storage 128GB UFS 2.2
main chambers 64MP f/1.79 | OIS2 Mpx f/2.4 Depth2 Mpx Macro f/2.4
Frontal camera 16MP f/2.45
Battery 5,000 mAh Fast charge 44 W
OS Funtouch OS 13Android 13
connectivity 5G | 4G Dual SIM | Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz | Bluetooth 5.1 | NFC | USB-C | eSIM | GPS
Dimensions and weight 164.24×74.79×7.89mm177g
Additional features On-screen fingerprint reader IP54 resistance
Price 399 euros

Vivo has accustomed us to showing truly groundbreaking designs, with rear finishes as we already saw with the V23 5G, which changed color with the sun. In the case of the one we have tested on the V29 Lite 5G, the Dreamy Goldthe same effect is maintained.

Consequently, we find ourselves before a terminal that after taking it out of the box already shows signs of one of its strongest points, the design. A great success that cannot be faulted, since it neither accumulates dust nor does it remember traces on the finish.

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As if this were not enough, to the point of elegance is added that of its lightness, since it remains at 177 grams, a really comfortable value to use on a daily basis, and its thickness, 7.89 mm. Both points give the terminal a very premium look that we love.

The model we have tested is the Dreamy Gold, although it is also available in Flare Black, with grayish tones that travel to light and dark blacks when reflecting light.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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Its rear camera module, however, protrudes slightly from the design, an almost unavoidable feature, and which causes the mobile to hobble in a horizontal position. With an easy solution: use the transparent cover that comes in the box.

For the rest, and to get a 10 grade in this section, Vivo places the on and off buttons on the right side, leaving the left side clean and placing the speaker, microphone, USB-C port and dual SIM tray at the bottom.

In this case, we did not find any speaker at the top.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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On the connectivity side, the vivo V29 Lite 5G arrives precisely with the latest in speed, although it chooses to add bluetooth 5.1. Of course, a great success that we find NFC, eSIM and that slot to have 2 different phone numbers.

Given the presentation of the design of this mobile, it might be thought that Vivo would lower the specifications of its screen. By surprise, we have come across one of the best panels for this price range.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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In this case, its 6.78-inch AMOLED curved panel has FullHD+ resolution (2,400×1,080 px) and 120 Hz variable refresh rate. We are faced with a screen that cascades down the sides and that it arrives with rounded corners.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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That same curvature of the panel – which gives it elegance and a premium appearance – is guilty of something that happens with this type of screen: if there is any reflection, a line of brightness will be noticed on the sides, in addition to the fact that when you make navigation gestures you notice the protector.

Unfortunately, it does not have HDR either, although presents one of the best brightness values ​​that we have seen in this price range.

According to our laboratory tests, the maximum brightness that it reaches in automatic mode is 2,070 lux, an absolute barbarity that we noticed when going out into the street in the middle of a heat wave, when the screen works wonderfully. In this sense, there are hardly any mobiles that surpass it.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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Finally, its sound section does not stand out in the global calculation of the mobile, since it does not have Dolby Atmos, and includes a single speaker. For calls and others there is no problem, although at the maximum level it can distort the sound.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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This means that in series, movies or video games this speaker may fall somewhat short. However, you will not have any problem for normal uses.

In the vivo V29 Lite 5G we are faced with a mid-range processor, the Snapdragon 695 5G, which offers samples that it is more than enough for the mobile to be fluid and allow us to launch demanding video games.

Vivo’s choice here falls on integrating a processor that allows 5G connectivity, a quality that this Snapdragon 695 adds, and that shows clear competition according to our comparisons with it in different terminals.

Live V29 Lite 5G Little X4 Pro 5G realm 9i
Processor Snapdragon 695 5G Snapdragon 695 5G snapdragon 680
Geekbench 6 Single 907 points 692 points 384 points
Geekbench 6 Multi 2,163 points 2,003 points 1,581 points
3D Mark Wild Life 1,209 points 1,211 points 1,345 points
AnTuTu NA 393,339 points 255,908 points
PC Mark 8,842 points 7,828 points 8,692 points

Thus, the mobile It has not suffered any unexpected outages or has been blocked in more demanding tasks. Opening several applications at the same time or fiddling with the Vivo V29 Lite 5G are not a problem.

Although the Adreno 619 GPU brings us back to the mid-range, since with it some more demanding video games are a little worse graphically, such as Genshin Impact either Honkai: Star Rail. Anyone who knows these mobile games will know that they are demanding in terms of graphics.

Only in this case have we noticed certain jerks, something that we can solve in the game menu itself, inevitably reducing the quality of the graphics. Yes indeed, the temperature is stable and it is really strange that it increases this.

The vivo V29 Lite 5G comes in a single version available with 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM along with 128GB of internal storage with UFS 2.2 technology. This capacity may be somewhat short after a year of use if you save large files on the mobile.

Live V29 Lite 5G LITTLE X4 Pro 5G realm 9i
sequential write 355.88MB/s 347.38MB/s 368.57MB/s
sequential reading 244.83MB/s 445.54MB/s 721.83MB/s
random writing 26.34MB/s 21.26MB/s 22.94MB/s
random reading 18.01MB/s 19.95MB/s 18.18MB/s
Memory Copy Speed 5.17 GB/s 5.44GB/s 4.10 GB/s

If we look at its operating system, the vivo V29 Lite 5G uses the global version of Funtouch OS 13 together with Android 13, a layer that allows you to customize everything to your liking, but that comes with some bloatware.

First of all, this system is really comfortable and beautiful to look at, although you will have to uninstall several apps that come with it, such as Snapchat or video games like Royal Match either says dreamswhich sneak in and have their place in the main interface.

It should be noted that it is not an uncomfortable operating system beyond those apps to uninstall. Besides that allows shortcuts to easily connect devicesamong many other options.

In the photographic section, we find ourselves before a terminal that responds quite well in various situationsbut which is inevitably in the mid-range, with some modes that could be improved.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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Its 64 Mpx main camera is really good in almost all situations, although details start to get lost in images if we go up to 5x and 10xthe maximum allowed.

Here you can see that its main lens is quite remarkable, although its zoom could have stopped at 2x, a value that is still very competent. Notice that at 5x and 10x you can barely tell the scene apart.

In its portrait mode, we find several features, such as the blur adjustment, different styles and filters, plus poses. Although the background is blurred almost perfectly, despite looking artificial, it is not able to divide the subject of the scene well.

Of course, it comes with a 64 MP UHD mode, one of the most versatile in the terminal and which, honestly, achieves get the most out of what the prime lens can achieve.

As for its night mode, it manages to illuminate scenes with low light, although it does not present great quality and there can be a lot of noise in the image, especially in less lit environments.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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It allows record video in 1080p at 60 fps, although in this case you will not be able to access the stabilizer. The latter works well while walking, although there are occasional stops when panning. However, it is very noticeable.

Finally, the mobile also has a macro mode, so you can take photos from very close to show textures, unique details or whatever comes to mind. Here you can also see some results of its front camera, which does not stand out from the rest of this section.

Autonomy: more than a day without problem

The vivo V29 Lite 5G arrives with a 5,000 mAh battery that, in general, allows us to endure a whole day and part of the next using it. This value is clearly reduced if we spend our time on video games like the ones mentioned above.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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One of the best news is that it has a 44 W charger that is included in the box, a point that must always be appreciated. The loading values ​​are not the fastest, but in about an hour you will have 100%.

Vivo brings the V29 Lite 5G to the Spanish market in only one configuration available in terms of internal memory and RAM, with 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM.

It is available in the color that we have analyzed here, and in black, although as we have said it has grayish nuances very similar to those we see in this model.

Mid-range mobile with a 6.78-inch AMOLED curved screen, 64 Mpx camera and 5,000mAh battery for all day.

If you are interested, the vivo V29 Lite 5G has a price of 399 euros. Although you will have to look for it in official stores like Amazon, since it cannot be purchased from the vivo website.

As always, the valuation of a mobile is something very personal and depends on the use that you are going to give it. Now, there are specifications that speak for themselves, as do the design and screen of this terminal.

They are the best sections of the vivo V29 Lite 5G, without detracting from its performance and battery at all. If you are looking for these values, the mobile will not disappoint you at all.

Live V29 Lite 5G

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However, it may fall a little short in its photographic section without looking excessive in any way.

In summary, the vivo V29 Lite 5G is a mobile with a premium appearance, a high-quality screen, sufficient autonomy, and performance to match. If you are looking for all that, it may be your best option in the mid-range.

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