Download Dislyte trailer, popular mobile game, for racism scandal

Download Dislyte trailer, popular mobile game, for racism scandal

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Success is not at odds with controversy and even if a video game is experiencing a great moment, this does not mean that it is free from scandal. The above is what is happening with the popular mobile RPG Dislytedeveloped by Lilith Games, which has recently been criticized for one of its trailers because the design of an NPC was classified as racist.

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Dislyte involved in scandal for racism

A report of The Gamer gave an account of the recent scandal that the mobile RPG with a pop and futuristic theme is experiencing Dislyte Well, in his recent trailer, an NPC that he appreciated for 2 seconds was detected by a sector that considered him racist. According to a thread about what happened put together by ResetEra users, the NPC in question had a design inspired by the black population, the detail was that his features were over exaggerated, which ignited the spirits of some players who crossed out the game of racist.

Although the NPC appeared in the background and only for 2 seconds, it was enough for Dislyte face scandal. After the wave of criticism, the developers chose to download the trailer, modify the content and upload it again, this time with the NPC without detailed features and with the color of his skin clarified.

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