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Colombia's health system fell in global ranking and fell 42 positions


He Colombian health system is going through an atypical year, therefore, despite the fact that the health reform government Petro recently sank in the Congress of the republicthe government's decision to intervene in several of the most important EPSs in the country has left a lot to talk about, not only because of the ways in which the Executive has interceded in these entities, but also for what may happen to the users.

This situation, also a result of the economic difficulties of the EPS, has called into question the stability of the health system, adding to this the new report Ceoworld Heathcare Indexin which the country was very poorly positioned compared to the previous year.

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This study shows that the Colombian health system fell 42 places, reaching position 81.

By subcategory, the country obtained the following scores:

– Medical infrastructure and professionals: 68.87.

– Availability and cost of medications: 51.69.

– Government preparation: 53.55.

– Overall healthcare score: 33,38.

(Also: After signing the decree, Adres begins a direct transfer to the intervened EPS).



At the regional level, Colombia was below countries like Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Peru.

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In the general list, the best positioned countries are:

1. Taiwan.

2. South Korea.

3. Australia

4. Canada.

5. Sweden.

6. Ireland.

7. Netherlands.

8. Germany.

9. Norway.

10. Israel.


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