Colombian drug trafficker sentenced to 10 years in prison in New York

Colombian drug trafficker sentenced to 10 years in prison in New York

The Colombian Hilda María González López, also known as ‘the boyaca‘ Y ‘Daniela‘, was sentenced this Wednesday by a US District judge to 10 years in prison and to pay a fine of 5 million dollars in assets seized for participating in an international network to distribute cocaine.

González had pleaded guilty in an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office in October 2021 in which he agreed to be responsible for distributing more than 450 kilograms of cocaine and promised to pay the 5 million dollars.

The woman, who was aligned with powerful members of the Los Rastrojos clan, a group that broke away from the violent North Valley Cartel, was sentenced in a court in New York, USA.

“For years, the defendant grew rich from cocaine trafficking and operated a ‘collection office’ that commissioned hit men to collect drug debts,” prosecutor Breon Peace said, quoted in a statement. “And she did.” without caring about the damage it inflicted on communities from Colombia to the United States.”

Wednesday’s ruling, he explained, “demonstrates the results of the Justice Department’s continued commitment to working with our international partners to dismantle destructive transcontinental drug trafficking organizations.”

“González López was at the top of a drug trafficking operation that arranged cocaine shipments, negotiated ‘taxes’ with other traffickers, and employed hit men to collect debts,” the note cites Department of Homeland Security investigative agent Ricky Patel. in charge of the case.

González was arrested in Colombia on July 12, 2019 and extradited to the United States on March 5, 2021.

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