Chelsea Handler claims her 3 abortions led to school hall of fame avoiding her

Chelsea Handler has claimed that her New Jersey high school will not induct her into its hall of fame because she has been open about having an abortion.

The 47-year-old comedian shared that she had three abortions while attending her high school in New Jersey. during his guest presenter’s monologue on Monday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Handler is the host all week since Kimmel is on vacation.

“Do you know what men on the internet had to say about it?” she he asked in Tuesday’s monologue on the previous day’s statement. “I don’t do it because I don’t give a fuck,” she said to applause from the audience.

“But my old high school did,” Handler continued. “I recently found out that my high school in New Jersey, Livingston High School, is refusing to induct me into their Alumni Hall of Fame.

“Jason Alexander and Chris Christie made it, but I didn’t,” he said, referring to the “Seinfeld” alum and former state governor. “Apparently the school is upset about how much I talk about my abortions, so I decided to start a grassroots campaign.

“You need to donate to Planned Parenthood, then march, then vote, but once you’re done with that, go online and tweet a message to the school district for my alma mater. @LivSchools,” She continued. “Let them know how you feel about this grave injustice and use the hashtag #Hall4Handler.

“Have fun with it. Make me proud,” she concluded. “Livingston High, the hall is in your court.”

The funny woman’s request comes after the The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. wadethat legalized abortion in the US, on Friday, defending a Mississippi law that bans the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy, and leaving the matter to each of the 50 states.

Fans were quick to follow Handler’s instructions and tweeted to the school district.

“Induct Chelsea Handler into your Hall of Fame. She is actively talking to women about abortion and spreading information and laughter. What is the problem?” a user wrote.

“Honoring Chris Christie and not Chelsea Handler is as crazy as the president trying to strangle a secret service agent and grab the wheel of a car.” another claimed.

“Hello @LivSchools Join the century you live in and honor Chelsea Handler,” another joked.

The Post has reached out to Livingston High School for comment.

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