Central America wants to be the protagonist in the Copa América

Central America wants to be the protagonist in the Copa América

The teams are ready for the Copa América, as are the fans. Central America wants to be the protagonist in this tournament that will be held in the United States. The competition will be held from June 20 to July 14, 2024 with the participation of national teams from across the continent and is organized by the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) and the North American, Central American and Caribbean Football Confederation ( Concacaf).

The only two representatives of Central America in the Copa América 2024, and at the same time its two greatest exponents, are Panama and Costa Rica. Both countries are going to go all out from the first meeting on the pitch because they are in two difficult groups.

Gustavo Alfaro, coach of the Costa Rica National Team, said that it was exciting to participate in the Copa América 2024. “For me it is a very World Cup series,” he said in a video distributed by the team’s press to VOA.

“It seems to me that it is a nice test for the kids and I hope that this helps to open other types of expectations for them,” he said in this regard.

The Costa Rica National Team left on Sunday for the United States with the expectations of representing Central America, while Panama will leave this Wednesday, June 19, for Miami, Florida to face the final part of its preparation, according to local media.

What will Central American participation be like or what to expect?

The expectation of Central America’s prominence in the Cup is a dream, even according to chroniclers consulted by the Voice of America.

The Costa Rican journalist specialized in sports, Dagoberto Alfaro, mentions “it is complicated” because still “we do not have consolidated teams.”

“Our representatives in Costa Rica and Panama, I still don’t think are going to be the role that one would like to be highlighted,” says Alfaro.

According to the chronicler, Costa Rica will have a tough time since it will compete with heavy teams.

“It would be very fortunate if we managed to get through the group, but I don’t think that possibility will happen. I see it far away with the group we have because they are betting on young people who can help us in this World Cup qualifier.”

Regarding the Panama team, Alfaro is more optimistic.

“Panama is going to face the United States, Bolivia, which could have the level of Panama. Panama even has players right now with better international contact. It is a more compact team than the Costa Rican team,” he says.

Gustavo Alfaro, coach of the Costa Rica National Team, believes that this will be “a nice test for the boys” of the team. “Hopefully this will help to open other types of expectations for them,” he mentioned.

According to Alfaro, Panama’s group is more accessible in terms of competitiveness, but he warns that Panama to qualify will be complex because it will have to defeat the United States “which is not a team that stays that way either.”

“Hopefully the surprise will come and both Panama and Costa Rica will qualify. But on paper and what we have seen, it seems to me that neither of them will,” he concluded.

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