Carrying weapons in the US, a right that causes great division in society

Carrying weapons in the US, a right that causes great division in society

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US President Joe Biden signed a historic gun control bill, which, he said, “will save lives.” This bipartisan bill to stop armed violence was approved by Congress and is the most extensive response given by the Legislature in decades to the recent massacres in the country. The carrying of weapons has caused a great division among Americans and it is the topic that we analyze in this edition of El Debate.

The signed text aims to strengthen the verification of criminal and psychological records of those who buy weapons between 18 and 21 years of age. Thus they seek to control illegal sales and try to improve the financing of programs dedicated to mental health.

“While this law does not cover everything I want, it does include measures that I have long called for and that will save lives,” Trump said at the White House. The measure, although it is the most important in this matter in almost 30 years, remains well below the president’s aspirations.

After this law is approved, 13,000 million dollars are enabled for the different programs focused on prevention, verification and mental health, also destined for local programs that certain states have.

Are these measures enough? Is “prevention and verification” the way to prevent more shootings in the United States? How is the mental health of Americans to leave them the responsibility of having a gun in their possession? We tackled this topic with the help of our guests:

– Maribel Balbin, representative of the organization Prevent Gun Violence in the State of Florida.

– María Elena Morera, security, justice and arms control analyst and president of the organization Causa en Común, an NGO that fights for human rights and civil liberties.

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