Blockades announced due to extension of barbecue restriction

Blockades announced due to extension of barbecue restriction

The Mayor’s Office of Bogotá expanded the measure, which reOpen the male grill from Thursday to Saturday between 7:00 pm to 4:00 am, until December 31, 2022. According to the Secretary of Security, the decision was based on the results obtained in the period of time in which the measure was initially applied, that is, from April 21 to June 28 of this year.

(Sales of motorcycles grew 36% between January and May, in Colombia).

“Theft of people presented a reduction of 15.3% compared to the two months prior to the entry into force of the measure, when 20,705 had been presented, that is, 3,170 fewer cases.“, indicated the Secretariat.

Given this decision, motorcyclistswho at the time carried out a protest on Avenida Boyacá and Calle 76, expressed their disagreement with the extension of the restriction on the barbecue, and They stated that, because of this, there will be protests.

For them, their opinions were not heard, and it is a measure imposed by the Mayor’s Office. “We do not agree, we are going to have an active presence at the entrances of Bogotá and we will carry out peaceful protests on holiday Monday,” said Yarí, one of the protesters.

In fact, about 180 motorcyclists carried out a new lock on Boyaca Avenue in both waysand with harangues they asked for the end of this restrictive measure.

(Exports of auto parts from Colombia increased 16.5%).

“Because they don’t leave us two months without the measure to measure figures again, we come from two bridges, it is clear that the city is left alone and that means that the results are not exact,” said another of the protesters.

It is worth noting that this extension includes the restriction of meetings in parks, squares and public squares at night, as well as wear the visible plate on the helmet.


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