Belarus denounces an attack with missiles launched from Ukraine

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July 2 () –

The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has assured that the anti-aircraft defenses of his country intercepted several missiles launched from Ukraine against his territory.

“They are provoking us. I inform you that three days ago or maybe one more day they tried to attack Belarusian military installations from the territory of Ukraine,” Lukashenko said during an official ceremony for Belarusian Independence Day.

“But thank God, the Pantsir anti-aircraft defense systems managed to intercept all the missiles launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he said, according to the Belarusian news agency BelTA.

Regarding the accusations of Belarusian collaboration with Russia in its offensive on Ukraine, Lukashenko has assured that “there is not a single Belarusian soldier fighting on the territory of Ukraine.” “I assure you with an oath”, he has riveted him.

On the other hand, the Belarusian president has recalled that there are “dozens” of Belarusian truck drivers held in Ukraine. “They have taken their trucks. Two truck drivers have died and they say it was a Russian bombardment. They have cut up the bodies of the dead so that it cannot be known that they were shot, but we have found out. What is this? Nationalism Is it Nazism? This is fascism,” he stressed.

“History repeats itself. The monster has risen in Ukraine (…). They are trying to create an image of the enemy that includes us, the Ukrainians,” he asserted.

Lukashenko has pointed out that the “new Nazism rises to its full height”. “We see it in the geopolitical voracity of our western neighbors who yearn for the territory of Belarus and Ukraine and are already shamelessly openly talking about a possible annexation,” he lamented.

In particular, he has criticized the Baltic countries, which “are so obsessed with hurting the Belarusian economy that they are willing to sacrifice their own people. Typical fanatical behavior.”

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