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Do yoga, yes, but with a beer, much better. The ‘beer yoga’ It has its followers in Denmark, who in good weather gather in large numbers on one of the docks in the port of Copenhagen.

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Anne Lund, a jovial 40-year-old instructor, gathers her students together one Wednesday out of two to stretch and have a few beers at the same time.
They are totally basic yoga exercises. Sometimes we drink during exercise, sometimes between two movements“, Explain.

At the beginning of the session, distribute a can to each participant, who can use it while doing various poses. The revelry breaks out when one of the yogis he manages to maintain his balance with one leg and the can on his head, or also when they manage to drink sip by sip.

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An hour later, all the beers are empty, after so much toasting. The hundred participants, many with their carpet, take advantage of the spring sun in a port area of ​​the Danish capital. You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete, just have a lot of will. Charlotte Mahaffey, a 50-year-old flight attendant, has come with a friend.

Everyone starts and (wants) to try it, even if they have never done yoga before. I am not an expert in yoga, but I try to do my best, and drink at the same time”, he says smiling.

In the Carlsberg country, one of the largest breweries in the world, this drink is part of the culture. It was at the end of a party, four years ago, when Anne Lund launched the idea with a friend, owner of a small brewery and who offers cans at home sessions.

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I love yoga, but I also like life and feeling good”, she says, specifying that, although there are other similar sessions in the world, she is the only one to do it in Denmark.

with his courses, in which men and women of all ages participateLund seeks that “people feel good, laugh and have a pleasant experience”.
For Jacob, this first attempt is a complete success. “It was really cool sitting here in the sun and getting a little exercise while drinking your beer. could not be better”, says this 31-year-old musician.

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