What is Discord and what is this viral platform for?


In an increasingly connected world, a platform named Discord has emerged that has captured the attention of millions of users around the world. With its focus on online communication and interaction, it has become a place where communities meet, collaborate and share interests in real time.

Discord is the go-to communication app for tens of millions of users. Initially released in 2015, its initial growth was largely due to its widespread adoption by gamers. However, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that it began to attract a larger audience.

The idea that would become the Discord that exists today was born when co-founder Jason Citron noticed that his team was struggling to communicate effectively.

He had an idea for a chat service that would have a negligible impact on performance and that’s how he came up with this platform.

These days your friends, gaming communities, and content creators/developers will often ask you to “join their Discord”. Millions of gamers use Discord every day to connect, share content, and play together.

What is Discord?

discord is uan online communication platform designed to create communities and facilitate interaction between people through text chats, voice calls and video. It is commonly used in gaming communities, but has gained popularity in other industries as well.

It allows the creation of private or public servers, where users can join, participate in real-time conversations, share multimedia content and collaborate on projects. In addition, it offers features like customizable roles, automated bots, and the ability to share screens, making it a a versatile tool for online communication.

can currently be used on almost all popular platforms and devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and through web browsers.

This is how this viral platform works

The platform works by using servers. These are set up with a particular focus or theme as a way for people to come together online to discuss and exchange images, links, and information. These servers offer text channels and voice chat through the microphone.

The servers identified with a hashtag (#) are text channels, which are the most popular and here users share messages, as well as images or any other type of content. as if it were a WhatsApp group.


In addition to the basic chat functions, it offers a variety of additional features. For example, users can customize roles and permissions, allowing them to have different levels of access and control on the server.

It is also possible to add automated bots to perform specific tasks, such as playing music, providing useful information, or taking actions based on specific commands.

Users can be invited to the servers or find online links to access them. The person who sets up the server usually sets some ground rules about who the server is for and what behavior is expected. They may also provide strict guidelines for filtering out explicit content and ensure that their moderator accounts are secure.

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Discord Nitro: the premium version

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription offered by Discord that provides users with a number of additional benefits and features. One of the main advantages of Discord Nitro is the ability to have improved audio quality on voice calls, which ensures clear and crisp communication.

Users can also stream videos in high resolution and share their screen in higher quality. In addition, it offers greater file upload capacity, which allows you to send larger content through chats.


Another benefit of Discord Nitro is customization. Subscribers can personalize their profile with animated avatars and unique hashtags and also have the option to use animated emojis in chats, adding a different touch to conversations.

It also offers access to a library of selected games, which subscribers can download and enjoy for free. The library is regularly updated with new titles, giving users an opportunity to discover and play fun games at no additional cost.


Regarding prices, D.iscord Nitro offers two subscription options: Discord Nitro Basic and Discord Nitro.

  • Nitro Basic: $2.99/month or $29.99/year
  • Nitro: $9.99/month or $99.99/year

The Nitro Basic plan includes some of your favorite Nitro features, helping you express yourself for a fraction of the price.

  • Personalized and animated emoji anywhere
  • Custom stickers anywhere, plus 300 Nitro stickers
  • Larger files (50 MB limit)
  • nitro badge
  • custom video backgrounds
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Online security: an issue to be addressed by the platform

Latest Discord Transparency Report reveals that 32.8% of users were harassed on the platform. 11% were victims of cybercrime followed by 8.1% graphic content, which includes content previously marked as “Not Safe for Work” (NSFW).

The truth is that as a result of this, Discord is becoming more actively concerned with maintaining a safe and secure community for all its users. Therefore, it has implemented a series of measures to prevent harassment, abuse and any type of harmful behavior.

Warnings issued to individual accounts, servers, and server members.  Source: Discord.
Warnings issued to individual accounts, servers, and server members. Source: Discord.

First, it offers moderation options and reporting tools. Users can report problematic messages, profiles or servers and in addition, server administrators have access to various moderation tools to manage and control member behavior.

has also established a system of blocking and filtering unwanted users, preventing them from interacting and communicating with them. It has also implemented automatic filters and inappropriate behavior detection measures to limit the dissemination of offensive content.

Number of disabled accounts by category.  Source: Discord.
Number of disabled accounts by category. Source: Discord.

To enhance user security, Discord has introduced an identity verification system known as “Verified Mobile Number”. This allows users to link their mobile number to their Discord account to ensure greater authenticity and protection against fake or spam accounts.

However, like any social platform, has faced serious challenges and security issues:

  1. Harassment and Abuse: As an online communication platform, it has had to deal with instances of harassment, abuse, and negative behavior from some users. This includes the spread of offensive content, hate speech, and threats.
  2. Spam and bots: Spammers use unsolicited messages or malicious links to promote products or services, while bots can perform unwanted actions or spread harmful content.
  3. Phishing and Scams – Being a popular platform, it seems like a no brainer. Scammers may try to trick users into revealing personal or financial information by creating fake servers or sending deceptive messages.
  4. Data Breaches: Discord has faced data breach incidents in the past where the security of certain user information, such as passwords or email addresses, has been compromised.
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Despite all this, It is important to note that it is continuously working on improving its security and privacy measures to protect its users. In addition, it encourages community collaboration to report potential vulnerabilities and ensure a safe experience on its platform.

Discord has become a popular tool for online communication due to its focus on real-time interaction, its ability to build communities, and its wide range of customizable features. With its versatility and ease of use, this platform has created a whole space for collaboration, entertainment and connection between people from all over the world.

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