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Automotive park reports drop in new registrations at the end of March

According to figures from runt and with calculations of let’s walkthe country’s automotive market registered 17,271 new zero kilometer vehicle registrations in the month of Marchwhich represents a drop of 17.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The brands that had the best dynamics in the market during that month were Mazda (47.7%), Toyota (17.5%) and Photon (17.3%), this despite the contraction of the market.

(Standard gasoline rose, on average, 400 pesos for April).

In the same way, in numbers of units of new registered vehicles, they were Renault (2,768), Toyota (2,407), Chevrolet (2,205), kia (1,326) and Mazda (1,266).

The high rates of consumer loans, inflation and the high dollar have deteriorated consumer confidence indices, so at the end of the third month of the year, vehicle registrations continued to slow down. Discounting March 2020 when the pandemic began, this year we registered the lowest number of new registrations since 2009. The seasonality analyzes project a closing with 209 thousand units”mentioned Oliverio Garcia, president of Andemos.

(Nissan renews the success of the Versa model in the country).

Regarding high-end brands, bmw led the segment during March, with 294 units, having a positive variation of 13.5%. follows him mercedes-Benzwith 230 units (-0.4%) and Audi (-63.1%).

(Divemotor, new representative of Daimler buses and trucks).

As for vehicles of a hybrid nature, the hybrid electric vehicles registered 1,930 new units registered, electric vehicles with 317 and plug-in hybrids with 233.

(The changes that the technical-mechanical review would have with the PND).

Many countries promote vehicle renewal in times of uncertainty or economic slowdown because it is a source of opportunities to boost economies in terms of productivity, revenue, and employment. The modernization of the country’s vehicle fleet must be carried out through incentives that promote the renewal of the vehicle fleet with new technologies such as electric, hybrid, hydrogen or gas vehiclesGarcia added.


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