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After more than 2 hours of closure, the Bogotá – Girardot road was enabled

After more than 2 hours of closure, the Bogotá - Girardot road was enabled

The concession Via 40 Expresss reported that around three in the afternoon this Tuesday the Bogota-Girardot corridor was closed at the height of the municipality of silvania due to the presence of protesters.

The Police and the concession personnel went to the area to enable the passage again.

During Holy Week, some 55,000 vehicles are expected to move through this corridor, which is approximately 145 kilometers long. There are 10 critical points that require vehicle regulation in this corridor, located in the municipalities of Granada, Silvania, Ricaurte, Melgar, Icononzo and Nilo.

Preliminarily, the decision was made that, during the demonstrations, the urban section of Melgar and El Paso (Ricaurte) would have alternate transit during the contingency plan for the Semana Mayor.

However, in two other areas (sector saffron and variant of melgar), in addition to counterflow, the ‘stop and go’ measure could be implemented in the event of a damming of the road, either during the exodus plan or in the return plan.

At around 6:40 pm, the authorities confirmed the authorization of the road, assuring that the demonstrations calmed down and traffic could be resumed as normal.

In the sector of the Devil’s Nose, meaning Bogota-Girardot, which suffered a landslide that caused mobility problems during the festive bridge in San José, there is only one lane enabled. The slope is also monitored by a concession geotechnical team and, if adverse weather conditions occur, for the safety of users, the road may be closed at this point. In this case, the traffic will be handled with alternate steps through the Sumapaz tunnel (which works in only one direction).

Where we have had landslides in recent weeks, such as Devil’s Nose and El Paso, we monitor with technical personnel and measure with topography. Additionally, we have a whole action plan in case any contingency occurs, such as a landslide or a crash. The advantage is that we have machinery and equipment along the track to act quickly in an emergency.”, highlighted Lacouture.


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