ASIA TODAY Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong for July 1 celebrations

Other news today: UN investigation finds Israeli security forces killed Shireen Abu Aqla; Medicines are lacking in Afghanistan for the survivors of the earthquake, yesterday there were another five victims due to the aftershocks; the Vietnamese Church organizes a “2022-23 National Synodal Football Cup”; floods in Siberia destroyed two bridges, isolated villages.


chinese president Xi Jinping will travel to Hong Kong on July 1 for the 25th anniversary of the “return” of the London territories to Beijing, the official Xinhua news agency announced. He will also attend John Lee’s inauguration as governor. This is the president’s first visit outside mainland China since the coronavirus pandemic began.


The Israeli security forces, not the Palestinians, they shot and killed al-Jazeera Christian journalist Shireen Abu Aqla. This was established by an investigation by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Ohchr) that was published yesterday, based on “independent observations.” For the UN body it is “deeply disturbing” that Israel has not carried out a “criminal investigation”.


Muslims in southern Thailand take sides against three laws that are under review by the Parliament and were approved on first reading. The regulations concern the use of hemp and cannabis, alcohol and the introduction of civil unions. For the Islamic Council “they are not in accordance” with the principles of the faith. Also in the crosshairs is a fourth amendment that establishes “parity” between spouses in marriage.


Afghanistan suffered a strong earthquake the night of June 21 and there is a shortage of basic drugs and medicines to treat the wounded. Meanwhile, the death toll according to the UN reached 1,036. Yesterday other aftershocks were recorded, the largest of magnitude 4.3, in which five people died. Authorities have stopped looking for survivors.


In July, the Archdiocese of Hue organizes a soccer match between local priests and those from the Da Nang Diocese. It is the opening match of what has been baptized as “Synodal National Cup 2022-23”, a competition promoted by the Vietnamese Church to strengthen the synodal spirit in the clergy. The final will be played on October 1, coinciding with the XV National Congress of Bishops.


In the Sretensky province, in the vicinity of Lake Baikal in Siberia, two bridges collapsed due to floods caused by the rise of the Klara River. Six villages have been isolated and more than 8,000 inhabitants cannot go to the city to buy what they need, or be treated by medical services. “As always, there is no money for us,” complain the inhabitants of the area.


President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdymuhamedov inaugurated the gas storage station “Gadyn”, built by the Chinese Gas Corporation (CNPC), in Lebap Velayat. Present at the ceremony were CNPC Chairman Hou Jitsiung, Turkmenistan Branch Manager Chen Hualyun, and numerous senior Chinese officials.

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