Anime: we give you some recommendations to enjoy this Sunday

It’s time to start a new Sunday and, as usual, we want to talk to you about a couple of anime options for you to have a good time during this day off. Because of this, we invite you to continue reading so that you know them.

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On this occasion, the 2 chosen series have gone down very well in the community since its premiere, one of them last January and the other with a few years available, so you better keep an eye on them.


The first recommendation is Tsurune, anime that introduces us to Minato Narumiya, a student who left the archery club at his school due to an accident. Years have passed since then and he is reunited with his childhood friends, who do everything possible to get him to practice that sport again.

The anime is available on Crunchyroll.
The anime is available on Crunchyroll.

Now, the protagonist will seek to overcome his traumas and, together with his companions, will try to win the prefectural tournament in this story full of fun and exciting experiences.

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Another interesting option is TRIGUN STAMPEDEa series based on the popular action manga by Yasuhiro Nightow, which tells the story of Vash Stampede, a legendary gunslinger with a tremendous bounty on his head.

This new version of the anime premiered on January 7.
This new version of the anime premiered on January 7.

Because of this, each of the towns he visits is destroyed by his pursuers, so 2 insurance agents are sent to find the protagonist and prevent him from doing more damage in his path.

What other option would you recommend for this day? Tell us in the comments.

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