OnePlus 11 Concept goes official with a unique illuminated liquid cooling system


The Mobile World Congress is not only a catwalk for the main mobile phones to publicize their upcoming releases. It is also the place chosen to publicize real and sometimes imaginary technologies that could reach (or not) their commercial products. Every year a prototype appears endowed with some kind of innovation with the potential to change the rules of the market or simply stand out from the rest. This time it’s up to OnePlus 11 Concept.

This prototype, if not a strictly conceptual design, immediately stands out for the curious design of its rear, which lights up iridescently to denote the presence of an Active CryoFlux liquid cooling system. Although there are already other phones that use liquid media as heat exchangers, OnePlus’ design is much more advanced than might be guessed, and at least on paper it would allow hardware performance to rise above normal thanks to its superior cooling capacity.

The technical description of this OnePlus 11 with a glass casing indicates that the rear circuit works thanks to two piezoelectric micropumps, responsible for moving the refrigerant. In exchange for a marginal increase in dimensions, the OnePlus 11 Concept reduces the internal temperature by 2.1 ºC in gaming sessions (OnePlus claims that this decrease would allow 3-4 more FPS to be squeezed) or 1.6 ºC during load, which that would allow it to be accelerated safely.

OnePlus does not indicate whether the use of micropumps has any kind of impact on the autonomy of the device, although the fact that they are piezoelectric suggests that the loss would be residual.

It remains to be seen if OnePlus plans to do something with this idea or if, on the contrary, it becomes another technological exhibition without much of a journey, something to which, on the other hand, we are accustomed.

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