AMD plans to launch new processors with 3D V Cache technology

AMD plans to launch new processors with 3D V Cache technology

amd presented its 3D V Cache technology almost 1 year ago in the past COMPUTEX. Since then we have only seen a reference of its AMD Ryzen 5000 series with this technology, the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D. But as reported by Greymon55 on his Twitter account, AMD may be preparing some more references with this technology, but unfortunately does not indicate which models can come out to market with AMD’s 3D V Cache.

In the tweet he tells us that several new processors will come out with this technology that adds more L3 cache to the processors. We may see the most powerful range of Ryzen 9 with this new technology and a total cache of 200 MB. Let us remember that last COMPUTEX we were able to see the tests carried out with this technology on an AMD Ryzen 5900X prototype which had been adapted with 3D V Cache.

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With these new processors tailored and optimized for gamers, the platform AM4 would receive a new and longer life. Motherboard manufacturers have adapted their BIOSes to support this new range of processors, with the release of new 5000 series products with 3D V Cacheholders of older license plates will be able to give a new life to their PCs including one of these new processors.

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