AMD AGESA will be released in late August with support for Ryzen 7000G APUs

AMD AGESA will be released in late August with support for Ryzen 7000G APUs

AMD will offer its new AGESA BIOS firmware for AM5 motherboards in late August, which brings support for Ryzen 7000G “Phoenix” APUs, as we have been able to read on Twitter by a leaker reliable as is chi11eddog.

In principle, according to the information we can read, motherboard manufacturers for AMD chips will begin to initially implement the new AGESA next month to launch it to the public at the end of August, although as expected, this AGESA has been in the hands of manufacturers for some time for testing.

We also see how With this AGESA update, support for AMD Ryzen Phoenix processors will arrive, which will be the new Ryzen 7000G APUsalso having support for the AMD Ryzen Raphael processors that we currently have on the market.

This version of AGESA arrives to completely replace the AGESA firmware, implementing like this new thermal and voltage protectionsbetter memory support and compatibility, and as we have already mentioned, support for AMD Ryzen 7000G processors, so it is an update that on paper we would recommend applying to our motherboard, Although we can wait and see how it works.

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