For doing a provocative dance and broadcasting it, streamer could spend 5 years in a jail in Thailand

Ice Poseidon: I'm in mental torment

Paul Denino, better known as Ice Poseidon on the internet, is a popular and controversial American streamer. Unfortunately for him, he is now experiencing very difficult times due to a party that got out of hand. In case the situation does not improve, he could spend up to 5 years in a foreign prison.

On June 28, 2023, the content creator threw a party at a hotel restaurant in Thailand while doing a live stream on Kick, Twitch’s rival streaming platform. He at the time he did a provocative dance with his girlfriend Kimberlee.

The hotel manager appeared soon after, expressed her displeasure and called the local authorities. After being thrown out of the place, Ice Poseidon and some of his friends were arrested. On June 30, the content creator reappeared and shared discouraging news on Discord.

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Ice Poseidon lives difficult moments; he will be able to spend 5 years in a prison in Thailand

The 28-year-old influencer revealed that, after his arrest, he arrived at a prison in Thailand. He explained that the place is in terrible condition, and that they only gave him a dirty and used bucket to wash the bathroom. He is in a very serious situation, as he explained that he had to pay a bail of $12,000 USD and that he could remain in the Asian country until his court date is held in 2024.

“I was just trying to have fun, and I’m sorry. We were drunk, we were in a room. I just didn’t understand the gravity of what I’d done – dance on my girlfriend’s lap. And I’m sorry about that. I didn’t want to cause any negative action towards nobody. I didn’t want the hotel to look bad or anything, so I apologize. I look forward to the early release of all of us,” the streamer said in a public apology.

Ice Poseidon could spend up to 5 years in a prison in Thailand because of the “obscene” dance he performed at the party in the hotel restaurant. Because he aired the event on Kick, he also faces charges for “distributing obscene content.” In addition, the authorities indicate that his bride’s dress was “too revealing.”

On the Discord server, the content creator was pessimistic about the scenario of staying in jail. He indicates that, if he receives a 5-year sentence, he will take his own life. “I won’t be able to survive prison,” he stated. As indicated by the portal Dot EsportsThailand has very strict laws when it comes to adult content.

Ice Poseidon: I’m in mental torment

It is not the first time that this content creator has found himself in the eye of the hurricane. Early last year, it came to light that he scammed his followers with a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme.

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