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Adobe Express incorporates TikTok’s commercial music catalog

Adobe Express incorporates TikTok's commercial music catalog

June 19 (Portaltic/EP) –

Adobe and Tiktok have announced a collaboration that will allow users of the artificial intelligence content creation tool to use trending commercial songs on the social network.

Symphony Assistant has become the access route to TikTok commercial music library from Adobe Express. It contains millions of songs from different styles, genres and regions of the world, which have the rights for commercial use in videos of organizations and brands.

The integration announced within the framework of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and will benefit from it marketers and advertiserswho will be able to “quickly create, rate and publish fashion content focused on TikTok at the speed of social networks,” as they indicate in a joint press release.

As an example, they have explained that a social media team can take advantage of the momentum of a trending song on TikTok to generate awareness for their brand or a small business find the “ideal soundtrack” to promote a new location, generating anticipation and excitement for the inauguration.

The users of the free and premium modalities of Adobe Express TikTok’s commercial music library is now available through the Symphony Assistant extension designed for Adobe Express, in English and in regions where TikTok is available.

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