A Terrible God of War Clone Game Appeared on the Xbox Store

A Terrible God of War Clone Game Appeared on the Xbox Store

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The Xbox store has offered clone video games that stand out for their dubious quality and for being inspired by popular franchises from either Nintendo or PlayStation. We recently had the case of a horrible clone game of Super Mario Bros.which Microsoft did not hesitate to withdraw from its store for obvious reasons.

Now the situation is repeated but with a shameless copy of God of War, the renowned PlayStation series. It just so happens that the Xbox store offers War Gods Zeus of Childa Kratos adventure as infamous as its title.

The game is still available in the store, so players who want to have a good time and laugh can still purchase it. Of course, it is a matter of time before it will disappear, since it is a clear violation of copyright.

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That’s how it is War Gods Zeus of Childthe terrible clone of God of War

Some gamers were in for a surprise when they saw Kratos in the Xbox store. This as part of the promotional images of War Gods Zeus of Childa clone of God of War distributed by the company Dolaka LTD.

The title features an animated model of Kratos that looks very similar to the one in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The popular PlayStation character appears in a coliseum and faces waves of monsters that, surely, are also copied.

War Gods Zeus of Child It is described as “a great war game”, where Kratos must destroy all his enemies with powerful weapons and deadly combinations of blows. The studio states that the goal is to defeat the greatest number of monsters without dying.

The infamous game can be had for $73 MXN. It can be played on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. We recommend that you stay away from him, as he looks really terrible. It is likely that in the next few hours it will disappear from the Xbox store. Below you can see some screenshots:

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God of War Ragnarok It will arrive on November 9 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Look for more news about the game at this link.

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