A nine-story building was bombed in kyiv

A nine-story building was bombed in kyiv

The explosions rocked kyiv on Sunday morning, a day after a barrage of missiles hit targets across Ukraine again. Meanwhile, Russian troops have taken full control of the key industrial hub of eastern Severodonetsk, which has been under heavy siege for weeks.

The war in Ukraine continues in the framework of the meetings that the G7 leaders are holding in Germany. This morning kyiv, the capital, registered a missile attack by Russia towards a residential building that, apparently, would have ended the life of a person.

Ukraine experienced a day of sporadic attacks on several of its cities, although the biggest battles between the two armies are taking place in the east of the European nation. In this area it seems that Russia continues to advance and Ukraine has once again requested more weapons from the West to stop Moscow’s advance.

These are the most important news of the war in Ukraine this Sunday, June 26:

16.00 (BOG): Blinken says that Putin has failed in his strategic objective in Ukraine

The Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, assured this Sunday that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has failed in his strategic objective in Ukraine, despite the recent advances of the Russian Army in the east of the country.

“Let’s not confuse tactics with strategy. Putin has already failed in his strategic goal, which was to end Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, erase it from the map and subjugate Russia,” the Secretary of State said in an interview with . .

According to Blinken, this is where Putin has already failed because a sovereign and independent Ukraine “will have much more to go than Putin has left.”

13.15 (BOG): Putin prepares to make his first diplomatic trip abroad since the start of the war in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin will visit two small ex-Soviet states in Central Asia this week, Russian state television reported on Sunday. This would be the Russian leader’s first trip abroad since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

Pavel Zarubin, a Kremlin correspondent for state television station Rossiya 1, said Putin will visit Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and then meet Indonesian President Joko Widodo for talks in Moscow.

11.10 (BOG): Biden calls new Russian attacks in kyiv “barbaric”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, described the new Russian bombardments on kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, as “barbaric” during the G7 summit in Germany.

“It’s more of his barbarism,” Biden replied to journalists who asked him about the Russian attacks on a residential neighborhood in kyiv, during the summit that takes place at the foot of the Alps in the German region of Bavaria.

12.44 (BOG): The G7 announces the embargo on Russian gold

Members of the Group of Seven richest countries announced a ban on Russian gold imports on Sunday, at the start of a G7 summit in the Bavarian Alps under the shadow of the war in Ukraine and its consequences ranging from shortages of energy to a food crisis.

The move by Britain, the United States, Japan and Canada is part of efforts to tighten sanctions against Moscow and cut off its means of financing the invasion of Ukraine.

“The measures we have announced today will directly affect Russia’s oligarchs and strike at the heart of Putin’s war machine,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement.

For his part, a senior US administration official said the G7 would make an official announcement on the gold import ban on Tuesday.

“This is a key export, a crucial source of income for Russia in terms of its ability to transact with the global financial system,” the US official said.

Russian gold exports were worth 12.6 billion pounds ($15.45 billion) last year and richer Russians have been buying bullion to reduce the financial impact of Western sanctions, the British government said.

9.32 (BOG): Ukraine asks the G7 for more weapons and sanctions against Russia after bombing in kyiv

The Ukrainian government demanded this Sunday to the G7 countries gathered at a summit in Germany more weapons and sanctions against Moscow, after the new Russian attacks in a neighborhood near the center of the capital kyiv.

“The G7 summit must respond with more sanctions against Russia and more heavy weapons for Ukraine,” the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, urged on Twitter, who called for “defeating sickly Russian imperialism.”

5.59 (BOG): Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital and bombed at least two residential buildings

After three weeks without a siege on the Ukrainian capital, Russia attacked kyiv early Sunday morning, shelling at least two residential buildings. This was announced by the mayor of kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, while Russian troops consolidate their advances in the east of the country.

“According to preliminary data, 14 missiles were launched against kyiv and the Kiev region,” Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleksiy Goncharenko said in a message on Telegram. Until the attack on Sunday morning, kyiv had been free from Russian air strikes since June 5.

Meanwhile, Russian forces have tried to seize the last Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Lugansk region building on the momentum after seizing the burned-out ruins of Severodonetsk and the chemical plant on Saturday where hundreds of civilians and Ukrainian troops had barricaded themselves.

Russia also fired dozens of missiles on Saturday at areas across the country far to the east, where the fighting is concentrated. Some of the long-range missiles were launched from Belarus for the first time, according to the Ukrainian air command.

The bombardment came ahead of a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, at which Putin announced that Russia planned to provide Belarus with the Iskander-M missile system.

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