A kid buys $40,000 worth of stock to ask a question about his favorite game at the Nintendo General Assembly

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Nintendo is a unique case in the video game industry. The Japanese company, which does not seem interested in competing face to face with giants such as Microsoft or Sony, does everything possible to preserve its essence, betting on well-known franchises and characters. To achieve this, it has released a large number of remakes in recent years, but some fans are still eagerly waiting for a new version of their favorite games.

Momiji is one of those passionate enthusiasts, only after waiting many years for a new installment of the ‘F-Zero’ saga, decided to get rid of the doubt by asking directly to those responsible for Nintendo. And he didn’t do it through Twitter mentions or trying to contact them by email. Instead, he undertook a most risky plan, a plan that was not guaranteed success.

If you have any questions, ask at the shareholders’ meeting

The young Japanese according to his Twitter account He’s been playing Nintendo titles since he was a kid, he knew that if he bought enough Nintendo stock he’d have a chance to get into the shareholders meeting, though it wasn’t guaranteed he’d be able to ask a question. Without giving it too much thought, he plucked up the courage to shell out $40,000 for 100 shares of the company.

Fortunately, at Nintendo’s 82nd General Meeting of Stockholders, Momiji was able to take the floor and asked the company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, if had considered bringing back the legendary ‘F-Zero’ franchisewhose last title was released more than 15 years ago. How do you collect the minutes of the meeting?Furukawa did not hesitate to answer the enthusiastic young man, although perhaps not what he expected.

“Being realistic, it is difficult to develop new titles and remakes including sequels for all the Nintendo games that we have been asked forbut we are very grateful that our fans are looking forward to them,” said the executive. “We are always considering developing new titles and remakes that players can enjoy,” he added, without promising the return of ‘F-Zero’.

Although the answer ended up burying Momiji’s hopes, the enthusiastic young man will be able to keep the memory of having participated in a session with the top managers of the company he admires. And of course, he can also feel part of it by keeping the shares he has bought.

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‘F-Zero’ was a futuristic racing video game saga created by Nintendo and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto with unique characters such as “Captain Falcon”. Between 1990 and 2004 a total of six games were released that appeared on the Super Nintendo, Game Cube, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Advance consoles. Will Momiji have managed to persuade Nintendo executives to release a new installment of his favorite game? In time we will know.

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