8 technological gadgets that will improve your experience at the next festival

8 technological gadgets that will improve your experience at the next festival

We can say that the festival season has already kicked off with the celebration of Primavera Sound in Barcelona. In addition, with the arrival of the heat and the end of the great restrictions due to the coronavirus, what you do not want is to stay locked up in your house, listening to the music that comes out of your headphones.

Enjoying an outdoor festival is a totally different experience that every music lover should try and as you know, there is something for everyone.

If you’re gearing up for any of the long list of festivals this summer, you may not have a clue what to pack. You have a tent and some folding chairs, but what about technology? doAre there useful festival gadgets to make the most of your next adventure?

The answer is a big yes and you have also come to the right place, because we have collected some really amazing gadgets and accessories and that will undoubtedly help you, whether it is to stay connected with your friends, to stay hydrated, to have your smartphone charged or to be well lit.

8 technological gadgets that will improve the experience at your next festival:

Instant camera

If you are one of those who wants a memory for life, this is the perfect device. And that is, there is something different and even more special in giving a polaroid instantly, despite the fact that all phones these days take great pictures.

However, disposable cameras do not rely on batteries and are nearly indestructible. These cameras may be old-fashioned in technology, but they still have handy features like a selfie mirror, built-in flash, auto exposure, brightness adjustment, or different lenses to suit everyone.

portable music speaker

If you are going to attend a festival with camping that is going to last for several days, then you are going to 100% need a portable music speaker. Whether you’re preparing breakfast or spending some quiet time with your friends waiting for the next big concert, music can’t be missing.

Again, it all depends on how much you want to spend, but JBL is one of the great brands for these moments (these and all). To be specific, we are talking about JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker. The battery life is spectacular and the sound is amazingly good.

It’s small, affordable, and JBL always puts out solid products, so that’s a pretty safe bet.

Portable battery

One of the biggest gadgets on the festival list is a decent power bank/portable charger for prevent our mobile from dying when we need it most (although we already know that coverage at festivals is a point to resolve).

Currently we use mobile devices at all times and this means that their autonomy does not last the whole day. The interesting thing about these gadgets is that there are variations according to the needs and the best ones are those that have several ports to charge multiple devices at the same time. We leave you here a good and cheap example of Lidl.

If you don’t already have one, we recommend you get one (they’re incredibly useful). Save yourself a trip to any phone charging point and carry one of these in your backpack.

Security box and padlock

Perhaps with this gadget we are a little bit out of control, but we all know that there are festivals that are somewhat more insecure than others, although bad people are everywhere. If we specify, those in which for several days we camp in a huge open space and leave it all day to go to our favorite concerts, are the ones in which we must be more careful.

That is why it is worth taking with you a small box in which to store your most precious belongings or a small padlock with which to close your backpack or suitcase.

Now, it is a fact that security increases, but an important aspect must be mentioned: sometimes friends of the foreign are too attracted to this type of object since it means one thing: there is something valuable inside.

And it is that, it is not the first time that I see how someone has stolen a backpack or box with a lock just for what it can carry inside. This is why, first We recommend that it still be used, but second, hide it and don’t leave it in plain sight just because it’s locked.

Solar flashlight or activity bracelet

Using your phone’s flashlight feature drains your phone’s battery. A solar lantern is a much more practical and energy saving option when you need some light and believe us when we tell you that you will need it, especially if you are staying at a campsite.

In this case the best option is to buy a solar lantern, so we will take advantage of the day to charge it and we will be able to use it every night. As for the size, it is not necessary to take a huge one since there are currently very small ones but with incredible light power. There are even folding ones.

In 2020, Xiaomi released an interesting and curious 3-in-1 flashlight that includes ultraviolet light, a dual-LED flashlight and an infrared focus in its technology.

Another example that could be of great use is the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, which turns its screen into a white light that serves as a flashlight. And it is that this function became essential if you are an adventurer and you like to go into the night during your routes. We will always have the activity bracelet on the wrist, being able to activate the flashlight at any time from the options menu.

RFID wristband

Thanks to these bracelets that are usually sent to you by mail days before or delivered to you the same day of the festival, you will be able to manage all the payments you make once inside. And it is that this type of bracelets are increasingly introduced in society and not only affects festivals. We can also see them in water parks, hotels or conventions.

RFID describes the method or process of transmitting the unique identity of a wristband (or any RFID-enabled object) using radio waves. The technology allows specialized readers or scanners to capture data from an RFID tag and ltransmitted to a computer system without the need for physical contact.

Due to the security and savings advantages of RFID wristbands, many organizers are turning to this technology to help improve their events, and indeed it is.

By recharging online or at physical stands during the festival you can enter money in these bracelets and just by passing them through the scanner, the payment will be made. The money that is left over is returned once the event is over, yes, upon request by the user.

mobile phone protector

Your phone is almost guaranteed to suffer some trauma at a festival (if it even makes it home). The most common ills of phones are: falls, bumps, loss, contact with dirty hands or liquids, forgetfulness, pulls and a long etcetera.

This is why we recommend that you search a case that fully protects both parts of your phone and further secures it with tempered glass. We assume that you want to go with your phone, since the number one tip is to take the oldest that we have at home.

Ear plugs

Festival and earplugs are not a good idea, but sleeping at 12 in the morning and being woken up or only listening to the concert next door when you are trying to rest for those who are waiting for you, maybe you see it as something very necessary wear earplugs

pay attention to us, if you are going to be at the festival for 5 days, invest in a pair of high quality ear plugs and you will appreciate it in the future. And it is that, there are some that are intended precisely for this type of event, called Eargasm High Fidelity Earplug.

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