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61.5% of deaths in road accidents at the beginning of the year were bikers

61.5% of deaths in road accidents at the beginning of the year were bikers

In the first two months of the year road accidents in Colombia They left 1,317 people died and 3,863 medical-legal evaluations of people injured by road accidentsas shown by the figures of the National Road Safety Agency.

In a report of the Road Safety Observatoryreflects an increase in 19.1% in the total number of deaths and a decrease of -27.65% in the total number of cases of people assessedcompared to the average of the last five years.

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Unfortunately, Motorcycle users were the most affected victims, representing 61.5% of the total deaths and 59.2% of the total cases of people assessed.

In the January-February period, there have been 1,075 men and 241 women died as a result of the occurrence of a road accident.

For men, this represents an increase of 18.9% over the average of the previous five years and for women an increase of 19.3%. In terms of the relationship between the total number of deaths by sex, heace Figures for January-February 2023 show that approximately 4.46 men appear for every woman killed in road accidents.

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In Colombia, the time of day when the highest number of deaths occurred was at night, according to data from the Road Safety Observatory.

The day in which more accidents occur is the Monday with a 41.9% increase (65 more victims) and the one that presented the least amount was the day Friday with a decrease of 1.1%. For January – February 2023, the rate of occurrence of a death in Colombia was one person every 6.7 hours or 3.6 people per day.

During the period January – February 2023 lYoung adults were the main valued victimssince it was the most affected age group with 42.4% (1,636 evaluated) of the total number of cases of valued injuries.

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The ANSV identified a high incidence among the not having a driver’s license with the occurrence of road accidents that register deceased drivers.

Only in 2022, 42% of drivers who died were driving without having obtained this document.

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Additionally, if only motorcycle drivers are taken into account, the participation of fatalities without a license increases to 41% of motorcyclists.

It is striking that there is a 20% recidivismthat is, of the total number of deceased drivers, it was possible to identify that they had already been notified with at least one subpoena of the need to carry that document.

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It is highlighted that, although 94.6% of the total number of drivers who died were male, when the citizens who died without a license are analyzed, it is found that there is a higher prevalence of women without the document, with 45%.

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