Zelensky visits the flooded areas of Kherson and assesses possible solutions to the disaster

Aerial view of Kherson.

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskyhas made a surprise visit this Thursday Khersonin the south of the country, after the explosion of the Nova Kajovka dam, located 60 kilometers downstream of the city, and which has caused a multitude of floods throughout the region in the last two days.

“Working trip to the Kherson region. I have held a coordination meeting on the resolution of the consequences of the Kakhovka dam explosion. Many important issues were discussed“, Zelensky reported through a message on Telegram.

The president met with his team to assess the situation and possible solutions after what Ukraine has described as “the biggest man-made catastrophe in decades”.

Ukraine’s regional governor Oleksandr Prokudin has said that some 600 square kilometers of the region are under water, and that Ukraine has so far evacuated nearly 2,000 people..

Also, it is known that three people died on the right bank of the Dnieper River, controlled by Ukraine, after the dam was blown up, while the authorities interposed by Russia in the occupied areas -left bank- have communicated that, at least, five people have died on that side.

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“The operational situation in the region as a result of the catastrophe, the evacuation of the population from potentially floodable areas, the emergency removal caused by the explosion of the dam, the life support organization of the flooded areas, they have been issues discussed,” said Zelensky, who visited the point in Kherson where residents have been evacuated.

“Also, the ecosystem restoration prospects of the region and the operational military situation in the area of ​​the man-made disaster. It is important to calculate the damage and allocate funds to compensate residents affected by the disaster and develop a program to compensate for losses or relocate companies within the Kherson region,” added the Ukrainian president.

In this sense, another of the dangers pointed out by the Red Crosswhom Zelensky accused today of not intervening in the occupied zone, are the floating mines near the villages. These mines, uprooted and dispersed by floodwaters from the Kajovka dam, could pose a serious threat to the civilian population during decades.

secret operations

Just 48 hours after an explosion that has been highly beneficial for Russiathe main one identified as guilty, and which has meant a true humanitarian catastrophe, lace Ukrainian Special Operations Forces revealed today that for months carry out secret military actions on the Dnieper islands.

According to the statement of this component of the Ukrainian army, the islands of the river in the Ukrainian province of Kherson constitute a “grey area” which has been “the scene for several months in a row” of a “silent war between the Ukrainian army and the Russian occupiers over the supremacy on the Dnieper”.

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Ukraine’s objective with these operations, therefore, is challenge Russia for control of this river that delimits in the south of Ukraine the territory that each side controls. The source adds that Russia used its presence on the eastern bank to try to gain control of the islands in the river, carrying out intelligence missions, mining the territory and establishing positions and observation.

Aerial view of Kherson.


Ukrainian special forces, to prevent it, They acted through the use of drones and the deployment of small groups of operations.

The statement, published on Telegram, is accompanied by a video, recorded in winter and published months later to guarantee the “operation safety“, with nocturnal images of one of those secret actions.

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