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WormGPT, the ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence trained to create the malware you ask

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An AI called WormGPT has been discovered on the Dark Web, creating malware on demand just by asking. And works.

The problem that the GPT language model is in the public domain, and anyone can use it, it has its good side and its bad side. Some cybercriminals have trained an artificial intelligence based on GPTso that develop all kinds of custom malwareat the user’s request.

WormGPT, the dark reverse of ChatGPT, is a reality. According to the security website slashnextwho has tried it, really can create malicious content.

This project aims to provide an alternative to ChatGPT, one that allows you to do all sorts of illegal things and easily sell them online in the future. Anything blackhat-related you can think of can be done with WormGPT, allowing anyone to access malicious activity without leaving the comfort of your home.“, explain its creators on the website where they sell it.

Malware for Dummies

Some say, with a bit of irony and bad temper, that artificial intelligence is the tool that fools and lazy people use to do the things that people who have studied, practiced and worked do. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular.

Of course, it is not entirely true, but there are cases in which the taunt does not go wrong.

With WormGPT any, no technical knowledge or programmingcan create a custom malware, simply telling him what you need. Things like “I want undetectable spyware to steal bank passwords”, or “to spy on incoming and outgoing messages and photos”.

It looks like, WormGPT writes applications in Python, and then they can be refined.

The problem of being an ignorant who uses AI to do expert thingsthe thing is maybe they can sneak it to you. And maybe the code created with WormGPT contains malware that infects you instead of the victim, or leaves a trail that can lead the police to your computer. But each one values ​​risk in her own way.

Slashnext tells that asked WormGPT to compose an email to put pressure on a confident account manager. to pay a fraudulent bill. “The results were disturbing. WormGPT produced an email that was not only remarkably persuasive, but also strategically astute, showing its potential for sophisticated phishing and BEC attacks.“.

ensures that it’s like ChatGPT, but removing all ethical and security barriers which has the AI ​​of openAI.

What is malware?

Customizing and training GPT to do what you want is not complicated.. But if you want to market that chatbot you need a powerful server infrastructure, and constant updates. That takes time and money.

That’s the reason why WormGPT It is marketed on the Dark Web by subscription. It costs 60 euros per month or 550 dollars per year. A bargain if it really fulfills its function and allows you to create customized malware, simply by giving it a few commands. Evil AIs begin to spread, and this is just the beginning

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