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When is the Hot Sale 2023 in Mexico?

When is the Hot Sale 2023 in Mexico?

When is the Hot Sale 2023?

The new edition will arrive from Monday May 29 to Tuesday June 6 and is organized by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) with the aim of stimulating the use of electronic commerce in Mexico.

“Since its first edition, this event has responded to a strong sense of education towards consumers to publicize the benefits of buying online, and in the case of companies, to create a space that allows them to discover and position themselves in the digital world, with the firm purpose of developing a digital economy in Mexico”, says AMVO.

In its 2022 edition, it registered total sales of 23,240 million pesos (+25% versus the previous year) and an average ticket of more than 1,600 pesos. 52% of Mexican Internet users bought during the campaign, representing more than 12 million people. In last year’s edition, Hot Sale had the participation of 676 companies.

In Mexico, during 2020, e-commerce grew by more than 80% and in 2021 it was almost 30%. For this reason, the constant evolution and the use of new trends is also part of its development.

According to a study by America’s Market Intelligence (AMI), the top motivators for customers to shop online are free shipping, exclusive discounts, and immediate delivery. Hot Sale is a good opportunity to be part of this growth.

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