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What do the new WhatsApp emojis mean?


New emojis on WhatsApp

These consist of two concepts from the Smileys category:

1. Shaking the head horizontallywhich simulates the movement of the face when denying or saying “no”.

2. Shaking the head verticallya movement that simulates a “yes.”

Two new additions to the Food and Drink category

3. A piece of lemon showing from its center and the shell, which can be used in reference to ingredients in dishes or drinks.

4. A brown mushroom or funguswhich is a common food ingredient around the world.

Finally, two new concepts

5. A broken chainwhich can symbolize the breaking of a sequence, connection or relationship.

6. A phoenixthe creature that symbolizes resurrection and rebirth.

New emojis available on WhatsApp.

Previously, Emojipedia shared that these additions are part of the September 2023 Unicode recommendations: Emoji 15.1 in addition to a series of updates that include different designs that include familiar gender-neutral emojis, and variations of people with disabilities.

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